Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Did and I Didn’t

I Didn’t – weight myself this morning. Major lack of sleep and a rough night equals a rough morning. 

I Did – finish week 5 Day 1 of Couch to 10K.  I was running for 2 min 30 seconds for 12 intervals

I Did – This.  A run walk.  See the red for my path.


I Didn’t – Let my fear get the best of me.  I’ve always wanted to go on this wilderness trail.  As you can see above it’s right next to civilization.  But as you can see below, it’s still wilderness and that was a wide part of the trail.  We live in Mountain Lion Country.  Smart idea – maybe not.  Proud – Hell yes.


I Did – get a major blister.  I wore my New Balance barefoot shoes.  I think I will return them.  I love them but I don’t think the part that gave me a blister will change.

I Didn’t – Allow my tired grumpy self to find an excuse not to accomplish what I did.

I Did – pat myself on the back.  Today I WAS one of those people I always wanted to be.  I used to be in my car, etc and look at people running and think “that’s cool, I want that to be me”.  It was me.

I Didn’t – Make the best food choices.  Can’t be perfect all day can we Winking smile

What is your Did and Didn’t?


  1. Awesome work!! I wish, it was that nice out here!!!

  2. I did eat well, I didn't exercise well last night...

    Bring some pepper spray on your hikes!!!

  3. You DID - make me super proud of all your big accomplishments.

    You DID NOT - let me down at all.

    Go, girl!

  4. Thanks Chuuby.
    I am Sore but not too bad. I took wed off and back on today. Working on finding the IT to get me going.