Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bear With Me

This mostly is mostly for me.  Its my 2 week plan to get on track.  Today is the proverbial Day 1.  The restart day.  The clean up your sh*t and do better day.  Today the scale read 204.8.  I plan to take it slow. Going low carb, super clean is not the best idea when you have a road trip, stay at your parents and Thanksgiving coming up.

In the next 2 weeks I will:

  • Take my vitamins and medicine on time
  • Drink water – harder now with cooler weather
  • write down what I eat
  • portion control
  • strive for meal carbs below 30g and snacks below 15g.  I will still eat bread, just limited.  Lunch today was one slice rye instead of 2.
  • up the veggies and fruit – lacking here big time
  • no binges – I will have to control myself with the turkey sammies – I could eat 2 without thinking.  I will also have control at my parents house – land of sweets
  • simple foods and no desert items – except for 1 slice on t-day

I was doing great but early last week I was done.  My body hurt for 4 solid days.  I found excuse after excuse not to exercise.  I went an entire 7 days with no intentional exercise.

This week – Mon – C210K week 3 day 2, Tue – k-bel or yoga, Wed - C210K week 3 day 3, Thu – k-bell, Fri – rest, Sat- C210K week 4 day 1

I realized today its not as bad as I assumed.  Yes I gained weight but I can fix it.  I can meet my long terms goals. 

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  1. it is trite but SO SO TRUE.
    It is all about the marathon NOT the sprint.