Sunday, November 27, 2011

Are you Waiting?

Lyn at Escape from Obesity asked her readers “Are you waiting until Jan 1?”

I made a comment on her post but I wanted to expand on it here.

My plan is to weigh less on Jan 1. About 5 to 10 pounds less. With my half marathon at the end of Jan, I better be 5 pounds less by Jan 1.

I feel the holidays are not an excuse to eat without control. If you make the holidays an excuse you can always find excuses in everything. Life is full of excuses so make eating healthy and exercising a regular part of your life. On the other hand I am not opposed to a slice of pie, etc. Just be sensible and don’t overdo. It is easy to spiral out of control.  Which is where I have been for a few months.

For me the mind set of, oh I‘ll restart tomorrow, Monday, next month……. doesn’t work for me.  It just gives me another excuse to eat crap and feel crappy.  Problem is I have been in this mindset for quite a few months.  I know it’s the wrong place to be.

Why does food have to be the thing to make a holiday enjoyable?

Maybe my life makes the holidays easier.  Closest family member is 350 miles and the rest are at least 2000 miles away.  I have no job so less parties, less food situations to deal with.  With hubby's job there is no holiday functions.  Almost none of my friends have social parties, etc.  We might have a small gathering or 2 but no big social events as of yet.  As of right now the only commitment I have that is holiday related is PTA dinner out and my parents will be visiting for Christmas.  The other stuff – book clubs, mom’s nights out (MNO), “Buy Stuff” social – i.e. I will be attending a Tastefully Simple party next week, birthday parties, etc – This is life, this is normal, this is my regular “deal with” stuff.

I ask you you “Are you waiting until Jan 1?”


  1. "I feel the holidays are not an excuse to eat without control."

    Agree! Agree!! Agree!!! I am NOT waiting. While, yea, I'm going to allow myself to eat a little bit of pineapple stuffing on Christmas Day, I'm not going to just eat everything in sight "just because it's the holidays." I don't want to feel entitled to overeating. Hellz no. I'm not waiting until January 1st. I want it NOW. :)

  2. Very good answer :) I think you are determined enough to reach your goal. So am I! No waiting!

  3. Before my journey I always used the excuse I will start next month....Jan 1st. What I've learned in the last 17 months is that is complete bullshit excuse the language. We don't get "do overs" or "start over'ers" in this journey, yes your gonna have off days or even off weeks, it happens, keep pushing forward and keep working at what you know you have to do, it's a learning process through out the way. I have learned in the last 17 months holidays don't give me the right to hog out and go buck wild either, I can still enjoy all the good foods but in moderation and it's not gonna kill me. My relationship with food has changed a TON!