Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Some Relief

I am finally feeling some relief. Last night was back to school night.  I am feeling more confidence in my son’s teacher.  I was so stressed out about it the past 2 weeks.  Stressed to the point of anger and tears.  The teacher appears to be reaching her groove and is displaying a slight bit more confidence.  We are not out of the woods.

I will be breaking a rule I set for myself.  The teacher needs help.  She is asking for volunteers.  Honestly she needs volunteers.  I plan want need to volunteer.  I know I am not the great and all powerful OZ but I would like to help out and keep an eye on things in the classroom.  This same thing happened in kindergarten.  His kinder teacher was frazzled, lacking confidence and turned to me and a few other moms for help.  The teacher last night reminded me of the kinder teacher.  Plan is to talk to hubby before I commit.

My undiagnosed anxiety and probably depression is getting the best of me.  You can see if in my weight.  Hubby can see it in my face and manners.  I can see it in my utter lack of enjoyment.

Exercise provides relief to my mental issues but it is only a temporary fix.  I need more help.


  1. Until this year (middle school) I always volunteered in the classroom. It's definitely a great way to keep in the loop.

  2. I am sorry about the anxiety and depression. It is one heavy heavy weight. I do hope you can treat yourself to the help you deserve.