Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Feel Pretty

Today I finished Week 1 Day 2 of the couch to 10k program.  Afterwards I went home and showered.  I felt great, a high of sorts.  Hours later I am feeling a bit lower but I had heavy carbs today so who knows the real reason.

Even through 12 weeks is a long time, I am excited to finish the program.  The last 2 days I wanted to run more.

Now the I am running / walking  more distance I have a reoccurring issue.  I could use some ideas here..  The problem is I get sweaty on my low back, which ends going down my rear.  Gross I know.  Well It is making my lower parts uncomfortable, lets leave it at that,  and I don’t like the feeling.

Right now I wear normal cotton undies with mostly cotton shorts or capris.  Someone suggested higher end running pants (wicking) with no undies.  I feel like I will have the same problem.  Is there wicking underwear out there?

I will update my weight on Thursday!


  1. Yes, there is wicking underwear. I got some many years ago, maybe from Road Runner Sports. Check online.

  2. LOOVE the wicking undies too. rei, road runner, whole earth provision company too...

  3. Love wicking undies.
    You might want to try Glide. I don't know if it will absorb the sweat or not.

  4. Ooh! OOh! I know! I always wear two shirts! I wear a tight fitting tank top and I wear a loose, baggy tee over that. The tighter tank top absorbs the sweat before it drips down my bum. The baggy tee covers it up and/or helps me wick away more moisture.

  5. I also suggest the higher end running shorts or capris without undies- I can't wear pants because I would get way too hot. But if you feel like undies are important they do have wicking underwear too.