Monday, October 24, 2011

Help From a Friend

I have a new friend.  This friend makes me feel like a big girl.  I am excited about all the cool things this new friend and I will be doing.

Meet my new friend, isn’t she pretty:


My old dinosaur phone went extinct this past week.  The flip part of the phone detached itself.  It was DEAD.  Lost all my contacts.  Boo!  After a ton of research, adjustment of bills and finagling I convinced hubby that a smart phone is the right choice for me and we can afford it.  I had to switch my landline to Verizon (from cable) at a savings of $22 per month.  This allied me to get a new phone even though my renew date was 12.17.11.  Fun part was I spent 2 hours in the Verizon store with the toddler.

After much internal debate, I am good at that, I decided to start the couch to 10K program using my new friend.  The program is 12 weeks so I will be done just before the half marathon on 1.29.12.  The program is 3 days a week.  On my off days I will do a kettlebell routine at least 2 times and I want need to get back into Yoga.

I loaded up my C210K app, Runkeeper app and some tunes.  I am hoping and ready to go.

Oh course and as always in my life, there is a big chink in today’s plans.  Plan was to start day 1 after school drop off using the jogging stroller for the toddler.  Well, big kid is home sick.  Alternate plan – use the treadmill when toddler naps.  Flexibility is key.


  1. My phone is over two years old and I know some day it will up and die on me. Then I'll get a smart phone too:)

  2. I'm getting a smart phone soon, I just don't know which one. What made you choose that one?

  3. Why an iphone? I have an itunes music liabray with nothing to play my music on, my old ipod died. I have a ton of friends with iphones, so lots of resources for assistance. I am NOT a MAC person however. I got the 8gb iphone4 for $99, I think the other smart phone were more $$$. Hubby has a drid but hates it, although his is like half a driod. It was a big debate but the iphone won.