Saturday, October 1, 2011

Give Me 3 B’s

I am beat, broke and in need of doing some serious butt kissing of the hubby.  Along with the normal household, car schlepping and life stuff here is my week:
M – 2.5 mile walk, hubby worked really late, can’t remember rest

T- Help with fundraiser at school for 3 hours while hubby watched toddler, Disneyland with both kids 12p till 9pm, tons of walking.

W – Toddler music class, hubby worked OT in the afternoon.  Right after he got home at 9pm I went out to a friend’s house.

Th – Bootcamp, LA county fair with big kid (no school) from 1 to 10pm (so much walking) while hubby watched 2 yo, cleaned and folded all the clothes I washed on Sun.  Big time butt kissing, he never does folding anymore.  Fair is so $$$, games are $5 or more.  Rides even more.

F – Hubby worked, mom club meeting in am, clean up house, go to Disneyland with mom’s only in afternoon until 12:30 am, tons of walking.  Kids were watched by sitter until hubby came home.

S – Kettlebells for 1 1/2 hours – ouch, park birthday party full of sugar, soccer game all with 2 very overtired, no napped kids.  Toddler lost his marbles at the game, laying on asphalt of parking lot lost his marbles.

I am SO tired right now but I still have at least 4 more hours until I have a semi break.  We are home for the night, thank goodness. Toddler has calmed some but is so tired.  Now I just have to keep him out of trouble until bedtime.

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