Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Direct Relationship

My utter lack of blog writing and reading has a direct relationship to my lack of effort with my journey.  Denial may be a long river but sometimes it can be an easy river to navigate.  On the other hand I have been busy.  Steadily busy.  Although am I making myself busy in order to swim in Denial again?

My weight is roughly 199, same place it been for a long time.  I have seen the wrong side of 200 way to many times for comfort.  I did drop down to 196 with a 4 day show of excellence with my diet.  As for my October goals  - I had a week where I was slipping; eating later, forgetting my meds / vits and not getting enough water but most of the month I have been on track.  Except with the weight goal oh course.

My training - I am taking a break from formal kettlebell classes for multiple reasons.  I have a kettlebell at home but it still sitting in the same place.  I have been focusing on the walk/ run training for my half marathon in January.  I have been training with a friend, same person who is joining me in the race.  Problem is that when she flakes, I flake.  Wrong idea.  There is no reason why I can’t go on without her.  I have always been easily influenced by others.

I have been in the excuse mode of weight loss.  I am telling you know it is absolutely the wrong place to be and if you ever find yourself here – GET OUT!!!!  For example my head thinks – today I have a potluck so I CAN”T eat right today, why bother.  WRIONG WRONG WRONG. 

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  1. it is a new day.
    a new week!
    and almost almost a new month.

    you can do this.