Saturday, September 24, 2011

Perfect Illustration of Why - Repost

Originally Posted on 10.23.10.  With my current gain I have nothing to wear.  Well I have clothes but I am uncomfortable in them or they are too small.  I tossed all my fat clothes.  I hate the feeling.  I am not into vanity numbers.  I don't strive to be an 8.  I just desire choice.  Choice to go into any store. Choice to pick off the rack.  Choice to go up or down in a size.  Right now I still don't have that choice.  Where will I have to be in weight to have choice.  170?  The big belly and boobs make it difficult.

This is why I don't use my clothes or a particular size as an indicator of success.  I use the scale (yuck, I know) and my measurements.  Granted this is for men's pants but I imagine the discrepancy in women's pants is even crazier.  Imagine Old Navy is a full 5 inches bigger.  5 inches is a lot of extra poundage on the midsection.

I am happy to no longer be in the "women's" or "plus" section.  I look forward to the day when even more options are open to me.  I am on the border still between Plus and Regular sizing.  With the large chest I still have to reach for XL or XXL to cover up the ladies.  Otherwise I could give a crap about the size of the clothes I am wearing.

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