Monday, September 19, 2011

My Space

I did it.  I created my own space.  I decided to call it my space instead of a Vision Board.  It’s so much more than a vision board.  It is MY PLACE.  No one can put crap on it or touch it.  It is a place I can look at, touch and BREATH.


i started with removing all the crap.  There is crap everywhere that I am working on (now that I have more time).  First I purchased a Scentsy wickless candle burner and some scents.   I wanted a nice piece of fabric to cover the dresser top.  I picked the fabric up at Jo-anns and the fake orchids (both on sale).  I would love to have a real orchid but I have too many “live” things to “properly” care for and right now I can’t add another.  The pictures are from one of favorite place to buy sports bras Title 9.  I haven't bought clothes from there yet but I hope too someday.  Even thought they have XL, I still feel like I am too big and I will be majorly disappointed.  Plus most of the styles are not for the well endowed like myself. 

It’s a work in progress, isn’t everything these days.  I want to add some old pics, some quotes, etc.  

In a house of 2 young boys and a husband it is hard to have a space to myself.  Our house is modest but it is a home and I am thankful.  I tried to avoid getting the rest of my Master bedroom in the picture.  The room needs major work.


  1. I love this! Rock it, gal!

    I always walk around grumbling about why I never have nice things. If I did this "my own space" thing, it'd probably end up being broken no more than twenty minutes later.

  2. Looks great! What are the rest of the pictures of?

  3. Pics up the side are inspirational (fit) pics from Title 9 catalog. Framed pic is title "butterfly within" - good theme. I want to put up my old pics, etc.