Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Goal Reward

Clearly I need a kick in the pants.  I am back to tracking my food and watching my water and portion size.  I am not counting calories, just a basic write down everything that goes in my mouth.

When I reach 185 pounds (my lowest ever) I will buy myself 2 dresses from Title 9.  I am not sure of their sizing, probably on the smaller size.  I drool over their catalog when I get it and love their sports bra selection but have been too chicken to buy the clothes.

Here they are:

2 1

Now that I am thinner I enjoy wearing dresses.  Problem is a lot of dress are not cut for the well endowed.  They usually hit me mid boob or make me look pregnant.  I need something cut near the waist.  Since I want these for winter I will also have to buy some boots too (I have none).

Example of a dress I would LOVE to own but I guarantee the ladies won’t fit or I will look like I am trying to expose myself to the world.



  1. I could never wear that dress either. I'm way toooo small for a top like that. I mean, my ladies are way too small!

  2. Cute dresses. I am new to you, inspired by your loss, waiting for mine...oh, I guess I can't wait, I need to do something about it :)