Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Get Real People

Lately I’ve been watching Drop Dead Dive.  I netflixed (yes it’s a verb in my world) the first seasons and then watched the most recent.  Premise is a young model dies and her soul is placed in a plus sized lawyers body.

The writers have made a big mistake.  In the beginning the star showed dismay over her fat clothes wardrobe, how to have sex in her new body, etc.  It was great dramedy (comedy and drama).  Now its ridiculous.  No more fat girl issues, no esteem problems, etc.  She just acts like the model and talks about clothes as if she had a choice.  The star was traveling to Italy with no luggage “Why pack when Prada is there”.  Um, no way in HELL could this fat girl fit into Prada.  Sorry, even a Prada XL (if they have it) is a medium at WalMart.  Let’s be realistic here, no way could a fat person go to Italy and buy off the rack.  It would be so difficult to find clothes.  I am under 200, muscular and I have a HARD time finding clothes in FAT America.  I am right on the plus size border and us fat ladies out there know there is so few plus size choices.

On the plus size note, I was looking at a yoga line’s online catalog.  I clicked on the the Plus size tab for pants.  The plus size went to XL (12-14).  That was their highest size, are you kidding me.  I probably wouldn’t fit into that.  That is their definition of Plus Size, seriously deluded!

P.S.  I missed my weigh in today.  I will check tomorrow am.


  1. I started watching a while back with the old seasons first. So I'm about 6 episodes behind. Lots of it is probably not realistic; you chose a great example. But, it's a fun show and my husband doesn't watch so it's nice to have my own to turn on now and then without him.

  2. I wouldn't watch that show because it made me sad, I thought they might be making fun of fat people.
    I really like your points, yeh, really, who is the Big Size King in the sky anyhow?

  3. Karen - I enjoy the show too but miss the fat girl issues, it made it REAL if you catch my drift.

  4. I used to watch it but quit. There were still fat issues when I watched though.

  5. where have I been?! havent heard of it...