Monday, August 29, 2011

You Scream, We All Scream, I Want to Scream

The other night I helped a friend pack her house.  Along with some dinner for her family I bought 2 pints of Ben and Jerry's.  One for her and one for me.  For a munchies I brought over some Little Caesar’s Crazy bread, 2 bags.  So I ate most of the bag on the way.   When I arrived I offered her some. She ate one piece and put he rest away.  That should have clued me in right there.

Later on after a packing frenzy we sat to chat and enjoy our ice cream.  She had Cherry Garcia and I had Chubby Hubby. 

Her – small bites.  Slowly eating, enjoying each bite, very slowly eating.  She then decided she was done.  I swear it looked like she ate a 1/4 of the fricking pint.

Me – digging in, non stop, big bits, quick, ate nearly the entire pint in the same time she ate her 1/4.

I have only known her for a few years so this is only an assumption on my part.  My friend is maybe 10 to 15 of slight over weight, nice figure, mommy tummy a bit (3 kids).  My guess is she has never been obese, never had food issues, never binged, never looked at the scale and thought holy sh*t I still have nearly 50 pounds to lose (post baby does not count).  Again total assumptions.

I yearn to eat like that with red light items.  She claimed to be in love with the ice cream and claimed to have a sweet tooth.  The tooth must be microscopic.

Do you have any observations of how fitter, possibly never been obese people eat?


  1. I have finally reached the conclusion that you can't judge anyone by how they eat in public. And I KNOW that people who see me would have no idea about my crazy eating if they didn't read my blog. But I do think there are some people who just eat "normally." I hate to use that word but it is what always comes to mind for me.

  2. I really need to start eating slower and savoring bites. It's such a bad habit to scarf down our food!