Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weekly Weigh In 8/9/11

Weight = 193.0
Loss = +1.0
Emotion = disbelief

Why disbelief?  I've been making improvement with my food choices.  I guess not enough but next week will be great.  I am sure.  I want to out of the 190’s.  I should have never have gotten back into the 190’s in the first place.

I’m a but whiney here.  Why is weight so dam easy to put on but so hard to take off?

I had a very weird morning.  Let me recap.  Woke at 5am, dress, tea w/ slight sugar and cream (no carbs), 1 hard boiled egg.  Head out to cardio kickboxing class.  Nothing unusual with class other than its been awhile since I did this particular class.  At the end of class we stretched and had a bit of a yoga like close to class at which I began crying.  I composed myself quickly and went home.  Felt like crap, nauseous hubby noticed it too.  I laid down for a few mins, improved, showered, prepared for rest of day, made breakfast.  While eating my scrambled eggs and cucumbers (not together) I immediately had to throw up.  I did make it to the bathroom.  Since then I have felt fine.  WTF!

Was this a biggest Looser physical exertion moment?  Not enough water?  Bad cream in tea (smells fine)?  Low carb reaction*?  What?

* on Monday I started my trainers plan.  I mention it here.  Monday was a protein – Veggie – limited carb day.  For carbs I had oatmeal and quinioa.

Even throw up an hour or so after a workout?  Why?


  1. Can't be. 1. he is snipped and 2. I had the ablation 2 weeks ago so there can be nothing there.

    it was weird. I exercise today with no issue but I had more carbs.

    P.S. I hate how difficult it is trying to comment. Love my blog and other but it is so hard to comment.