Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weekly Weigh In 8/16/11

Weight  = 194.8
Loss = + 1.8
Emotion = Read on

Late last week the scale was showing nearly a 2 pound loss from 193.  Then I started making mistakes and continued to do so. 

Funny thing is 2 other bloggers had brilliant posts today related to how I am feeling .  Skinny Emmie’s scale showed a gain.  A person asked her “how did you feel before you stepped on the scale”.  My answer would be this:

I’ve been feeling stronger, thinner, healthier, constantly touching my leg muscles with admiration.  Noticing how skinny my legs and arms are.  My expectation of the scale was that I realistically knew it wouldn’t be a good number and I know the reasons why.

Need to Get Me Back had quote on her blog after she experienced a gain too.

"Who cares who you were last year? Who cares what you did last month?  Hell, who cares you how you acted yesterday?  It has absolutely nothing to do with who you CHOOSE to be today.  That choice is 100% yours."

This helped me decide I am not going to Wawawa about where I am not, where I was and what I have been doing.  It is what I do today that counts.  Onward and downward.

Today I will be updating my inches since February.  I am interested in the numbers.  I expect a loss, but we will see.

Love this quote I stumbled upon today:
"In the end people either have excuses or experiences; reasons or results; buts or brilliance. They either have what they wanted or a detailed list of all the rational reasons why not"- Anonymous

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  1. I now look at gains as a necessary evil. They kind of jerk you around emotionally and mentally, but they also kick you in the guts and remind you that you're on a journey that, like life, will have ups and downs. They can force you to focus and they can spiral you out of control. However, they don't last long if you continue staying healthy. We all hit 'em. We all hate 'em. But we almost all have to have them to fully appreciate all the work we're doing to get our minds and bodies into shape. :)

    P.S. I got your message about the Bodybugg and I am ecstatic!!! (No...I'm literally bouncing around and thinking about how helpful this will be for me to get me through this last stretch). You have no idea how amazing that would be. Nothing as amazing as you've proposed to me has ever happened. I am beaming and looking even more excited to the exercise regime I'm cooking up for September. My email is ChubbyMcGeeBlog@Gmail.com. I love you. I really do! You're my hero.