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Skinny is Not Fit - Repost

Originally posted on July 15, 2010.  I did not intend this post to come out as a judgment, it was merely an observation that allowed me to reflect upon my own journey.  I included some of the original comments because they were fantastic comments.  I agree with the second commenter that the other ladies in the class were out of line with their comments.

The other day at boot camp a new lady started.,  She was rail thin.  In fact some of the other ladies told her they wouldn't be in boot camp if they were as thin as her.  Her goal was to gain strength.  I watched her workout.  She was using really low weights, like 3lb and 5lb.  I use 10lb and 12lb.  She wasn't able to do everything completely.

Skinny is NOT fit

The trainer mentioned the next day that the same lady texted her a bunch of time about how sore she was and how much she hurt.  My first week of boot camp I really wasn't very sore.  Just one day but my butt was a bit ouchy.

I will be FIT not Skinny

Another trainer mentioned that sometimes skinny people have a high percentage body fat, "skinny fat".  They are not fit.  I love my developing tone, muscles.  I love to see the changes in my body.  I love getting fitter.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has their own personal journey that is unlike anyone else's. I'm glad the skinny woman recognized that in order to achieve health that she needed to do something different. And I'm kind of sad for the women who commented that they wouldn't be at boot camp if they were skinny. Like you clearly see, fitness and wellness go so much deeper than what you can see on the outside. And I'm afraid for the women who think that once they get thin they don't need to put in the time anymore (e.g., no more boot camp). The journey is so much more than a weight goal, but a lifelong adventure. What a great reminder, Amy, that you have put in the time and have achieved so much for yourself! Congratulations on the 20!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is so unfortunate to hear that a thin woman is unwelcome in this Boot Camp. As you know, people can be very judgmental and judging a thin person is as sinful as judging one who is overweight.
Although this women could not lift much weight, she sounds like a much STROGER woman that those who could lift more pounds that her. She certainly seems to understand that health and fitness involves more than just a thin physique, but also includes strength. (Strength, by the way, is all relative. A person who can lift 50 lbs is not necessarily more fit than one who can lift only 20.)
I commend her for having the courage to join the group. Just like people who are obese, she sounds like she has some shortcomings but she is proactively working to overcome them. If she gains strength but still cannot lift more than others, she would still be successful in her own right. If other members are critical rather than supportive and the trainer is divulging her personal messages to the group, she may be better off with a group that is truly focused on getting fit and leading an active lifestyle.
I am glad to read that you love your developing muscle tone and are becoming more confident in your body. I hope that the feeling is coming from within. (Response – It is) When we gain confidence in ourselves based on the shortcoming of others, that confidence is only temporary until the next fit/lean/strong person comes to stand next to us.
Fat or skinny, let's accept people the way they are and support each other in their goals without judgment or criticism.
Compassion is free. It costs you nothing to have kindness in thought, word, and action for people. And someday, you might like to have the favor returned. Let's try to be compassionate, and instead of thinking the worst about people, think the best. Imagine who that person used to be, might be now, and could become. Be... kind. The world will be a better place because of it.

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