Saturday, August 6, 2011

Out of the Mouth of Babes - repost

Originally posted on 5/7/10 just before the end of a weight competition I lost.  The other day he asked (in the car) is a dollar is expensive.  I said it’s all relative.  I went on to say if I handed you 1 million and asked you to spend $1 it would have relatively no effect.  If I handed you $5 and said this is all you have for food, etc then the dollar would be very expensive.  I continued my “teaching moment” to say that a person with little money would consider the $6 bag of kettle corn we just bought (and he was stuffing in said mouth) would be wasteful and the $5 could be used to buy better food.

I was having a car conversation with my old man in a little body (my 6yo). He was talking about how cool it would be to have 99 million dollars. He then went on to say I could save the money and give it to him. I explained that I wouldn’t be able to save up that much money because things cost money, like the house, electricity, gas, food, cable, etc. Next he said the it would be nice if I win the $400 from the weigh competition on 5/22 because I will be more fun. I asked him why and he said I won’t be so lazy and I will be more active. This coming from the kid I played soccer with the day before. I will take this to heart and work on being more active with him. I did mention that sometime I am tired because his brother was tough the night before.

Now mind you when I asked him again later he said it would be cool if I win so I could share the money with him.

Lately my prouder mommy moments have been during boot camp.  When we run around, the boys follow and run with me.  When we do sit ups and cool down stretches, the boys join me.  Sometimes the toddler lays on my chest while I still do sit-ups (try it, fun).  I am proud of myself for being a good example and proud of them for trying something.  My 7yo asked if I could put a yoga mat in his room so he can do the moves.  Come on is that not awesome or what!!!!

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