Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Today we are off to FL for our final trip of the summer.  This is a big one.  We will be gone for 11 days at my in-laws.  Lucky they have a pool at their house, live close to the beach and have a boat.

I am nervous about a few things.  The biggest ones are related to the toddler.  How will he act on the plane?  How will he be at the in-laws?  And how will he sleep?  Not to mentioned the unguarded pool just outside the French doors at their house.

I know my weight loss is non existent.  The only place I have made progress is with all the mental crap.  I have decided I will treat this trip truly as a vacation.   I am going to vacation from thinking about my weight loss.  I will vacation from exercise.  I will vacation from limiting myself.  I will vacation from my head and my To Do list.

I’m not giving myself free license to gain, get flabby, not exercise and eat like a pig.  It just won’t be the center of my existece.  I am going to enjoy my family and engage.  Exercise may be hard to come by because I will melt outside.  Humidity and I are vicious enemies.  I will move in the pool and do some body weight exercises – push ups, squats, etc.  I will not binge.

When I get back it will be go time.

I have scheduled a ton of posts – confessionals, few reposts, stories, pictures, updates, etc.

Wish me luck on the plane with a very active 2.5 year old.


  1. "I’m not giving myself free license to gain, get flabby, not exercise and eat like a pig." That's what I did on my vacay and it went very well. You'll be so active trying to keep your little one from getting into trouble that you'll burn, burn, burn. Just keep, in the back of your mind, the idea to make the healthIER choice(s) when it comes to each meal. That'll help immensely.

    Good luck! Good luck! Good luck! Enjoy yourself!

  2. Have a great trip! I remember those toddler days and am so glad I'm well past them. Now instead I get to worry about my youngest flying home from college by himself in a few months.