Thursday, August 18, 2011

I’m Listening

Who do you listen to – Your body or mind?

The other day I had some free time.  Free time isn’t the best word for a stay at home mom.  I had time that I choose to spend doing XX.  Hubby was working, big kid at my parents and the toddler was napping.  I was beat and could barely keep my eyes open.  I’ve been staying up too late for too many days.  I decided to listen to my body and take a nap.

I crashed.  I ended up laying down for the toddler’s entire nap of 2.5 hours.  Crazy!  Sure my TO DO list is long and it’s not a secret I have a million of things I could be doing with 2.5 hours.

My body told me I needed rest and I listened.  Was this wrong?  Should I have ignored my body and worked on my TO DO’s instead.  Is it all about that word BALANCE again.  Was 2.5 hours indulgent?  Part of me says yes that was excessive.  Nap needed but 2.5 hours is too much.

I believe many people out there don’t listen to their bodies or even know how to.  women especially.  We put so much before ourselves.  I swear my body tells me when I need eggs too.  Its like this subtle whisper, you need to eat eggs and I feel great afterwards.

Do you listen to you body or mind?


  1. I would have totally taken the 2.5 hour nap, too!

  2. I think if your body slept that long then you needed the rest. I don't think its excessive.