Thursday, August 11, 2011

Has it Really Changed?

Has life really changed since high school?

This past weekend was my 20 year reunion.  That baffles me.  How in the world did 20 years pass by.  I didn’t go for many reasons.  High school wasn’t horrendous but on the same token it wasn’t the time of my life either.  I didn’t really know myself, who does?  I didn’t keep in touch with anyone.  My first year out of school I basically didn’t associate with anyone from HS.  That was mainly due to the boyfriend I had my senior year (not from my school).  Facebook was the only reason I knew about the reunion.  They created a group and out of curiosity I joined.

It was interesting seeing the pictures.  Some people looked almost the same.  Others wildly changed.  The men mostly.

Is my late 30’s any different than HS?

  • The pretty girls are mostly still pretty and get all the attention
  • We want to be kissed and loved
  • The fun popular kids are the ones who get invited places
  • You have to watch what you say all the time
  • We lust after the cute boys – hello Twilight anyone
  • What you do, wear, live matter to some people
  • It’s hard to know who your true friends are
  • You are still “trying to figure it out”
  • The ones with the best “toys” have the most “friends”
  • Sports and celebrity are far more important that being real
  • There is very few people you can be real with
  • Your loved ones (husband) matter most to you
  • What kind of car your drive is a status to some
  • People disappoint you
  • Brands are important
  • People still talk behind your back
  • Rumors are still abound
  • Gossip rules and people love to gossip
  • No matter how much you try to deny it, family matters and your parents matter

I was in a bit of a mood when I wrote this.  The only thing that has changed since high school is me.  All the outside crap is the same just a different setting.  What do you think?


  1. I'm just the opposite. I loved HS and am still best friends with 4 of them. I've reconnected with tons since FB became the thing and that's been fun. I don't attend any get togethers though because I am too ashamed of my weight.

  2. But you should go. Don't miss out on life because of weight. It's not worth missing out. Buy a new outfit and have fun.

  3. My 30th is in the fall. Also a facebook group. Being part of it brings me back to HS and not in a good way. It feels just as clique-like with the "cool" kids posting references and photos that the rest of us don't get. Sigh.