Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Difference a Day Makes

With just adjectives here is a description for 2 of my days last week.  Don’t miss the end.

Day A
Exercise – 1 hr kettlebell boot camp - energized, mentally focused with a bit of fatigue, zippy, controlled, slightly hungry, could use a nap, tasks accomplished, motivated, deprived, mood under control, patient, satisfied, veggie crunchy, wanting to do more, nervous energy, fighting urges.

Day B
Exercise – none - Full, uncontrolled sneezing, snotty, sluggish, satisfied, slow, tummy grumbles and issues, stuffed, sweet, doughy, binge, out of control, mini naps, snippy, no motivation, mood swings, tired, bloated, cranky, frustrated, sunk in couch.

Other than exercise, what is the difference between Day A and Day B?


That’s it. 

Day A is a example of how I felt most of the slow carb days I had this week.  It was a protein and veggie only day or a protein / veggie / slow carb day.  The slow carbs were beans or quiona.  Day B was yesterday, my cheat day.  I did a fantastic job of cheating – French toast combo, large sub sammie with chips, more chips at party, burger, fires and a shake, Oreos, popsicles, buttered toast

So far today I am still feeling the effects of my cheat in my nose and tummy.


  1. Isn't that so crazy how when you are used to eating well, and then eat poorly one day, it affects you so much? I used to eat horrible foods all the time and didn't feel a thing. Now if I eat something greasy or fatty, I actually feel worse! Who knew!

  2. Do you have any food allergies? Have you ever been tested? Just a thought...I know food has A LOT to do with how I feel too.