Monday, August 8, 2011

40 by 40

A fellow blogger, BabyRN, made a list of 30 things she wanted to accomplish by 30.  Love the idea so I decided I would make my own.

In less than 2 years I will hit that wonderful milestone of 40 young years old.

  1. Reach my goal weight of 140 (minus 92 pounds)
  2. Travel to NYC again and really explore the city
  3. Go camping with my family
  4. Run a full 5K
  5. Purge my garage completely
  6. Compete in the Camp Pendleton Mud Run
  7. Finish both boys baby scrapbooks
  8. Restyle my blog – header design
  9. Get skin removal surgery on my tummy – 99% sure it will be needed
  10. Get nice bed linens for my master bedroom – we have nothing
  11. See Jimmy Buffett again
  12. See Jimmy Buffett is some tropical location
  13. Visit some tropical location
  14. Grow my hair long – Bra length
  15. Paint my master bedroom
  16. Fix up back yard
  17. Permanently weigh less than my hubby – bounce back a forth on this one
  18. Stay at the Crystal Cove Cottages
  19. Learn how to properly use a drill
  20. Brew my own beer – probably cider
  21. Wine tasting in wine county – so many choices in CA
  22. Redo my master bath
  23. Paint my bedroom
  24. Create an outdoor eating area
  25. Do 5 full push ups
  26. Run / walk the Tinkerbelle half marathon
  27. Stop taking Metaformin
  28. Go on a girls weekend somewhere
  29. Have houseplants again
  30. Put pictures in my hallway
  31. Finish all my unfinished scrapbooks
  32. Have a more organized house
  33. Have a veggie garden year round
  34. At least 2 cooking classes
  35. Do something with my mom that she has never done
  36. Improve my kids food choices
  37. Get a Brazilian wax job - scared
  38. New dishes for kitchen
  39. Discover a different career path
  40. Complete all painting of downstairs

Do you see a theme here?  Most are related to the state of my household.


  1. I'd do everything except #37! I love your list...I may adapt it myself...