Monday, July 11, 2011

“When You Eat …..” Book Review

So I bit off more that I could chew when I decided to do a book review.  I love this book but with 50 brief chapters there is no way I could outline all of them.  The book is designed to be a brief pick me up and read rather than binge eat.  I had to return it to the library.

Geneene Roth offers a series of books on compulsive eating and perpetual dieting.  My plan is pick up a few of her books.

The book is full of quick advice with anecdotes and personal stories.  It’s about loving yourself and changing they way you think about your body and food.  She doesn’t believe in calorie counting.  Here is where I am divided.  I do believe in intuitive eating but I think at some point in a weight loss journey you need to calorie and portion check yourself.  She also believes in unprocessed food.

I've been having more issues with binge eating.  My head is not in the right “place”.  I’ve been doing f-upd things with my eating even though I KNOW its wrong.

I would recommend this book or maybe check out the site and find another book that could work for you.

Currently I just started “4 Hour Body” by Timothy Ferriss.  I know this book is geared more towards men but being a chemist I am interested in the science and experience he did.  It does have women in there and my other interest is he works with kettlebells.  It’s a big book, so it may be some time. 

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  1. My husband LOVES the "4 Hour Body"...and there are some interesting chapters in there ;), enjoy!