Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekly Weigh In 7/26/11

Weight = 192.0
Loss = –0.6

Even thought the loss is tiny, this is an excellent week all things considered.  On Thursday, the day after my surgery, there was a 199 / 200 on the scale.  I am good with 192.  Happy.  Next week will be even better.

Monday was day one of a low carb start for me.  No bread, no rice, beans, apple only for fruit, limited cheese and protein.  It was also my first day back to exercise.  I took more days off then I intended.  Everything seems fine.  I am beat today.  Between the kettlebell class last night and the 4am toddler wake up, I am tired.

Plan for the rest of the week:
Tue – fitness class & low carb
Wed – Bootcamp & low carb
Thur – Yoga & cheat day *
Fri – Bootcamp & low carb
Sat – rest & low carb
Sun – treadmill 30 min & low carb

* the program I am following includes a cheat day.  On Thursday we are going to the county fair so it would be a great day to cheat.


  1. Beans are ok with this one. I should have made my sentence clearer. I made my first pot (crock) of pinto beans last night.