Sunday, July 3, 2011

Road Trip 7/2/11

Yesterday, Saturday the 2nd, the boys and I are headed out of town to my parents house.  On the road for at least 7 hours with a kid and a toddler by myself!  Whoo hoo wanna trade?

I am bringing my kettlebell with me and I asked my trainer to write down a workout.  I will get some walks in too.  My parents live in the mountains so there is no traditional path, you just make it up and hope the cars see you.  If I go without the stroller I may try to adventure a bit more.

The positives about my parents house is that it is very calming being up in the mountains and gorgeous.  Since I am away from all the crap, I get to breath.  Sometimes my parents mistake it for me being lazy just wanting to relax.  It’s not that, I just feel so peaceful that I don’t want to do much.  I gets lots of reading done.

The negatives are sleep.  The toddlers sleep to be exact.  The first night is always hard, he sleeps so poorly.  Then there is the barking dogs that wake us up early in the am and make it difficult for the the toddler to take his nap.  There is also the food.  Mom likes her sweets and since she is the same person who raised me, they are the same things I like.  I have to resist temptations that I don’t have in my house.

This is the first of 2 road trips in as many weeks.  Hubby is staying home to work and hopefully get some projects done at home. My plan is to pack a ton of food for the road.  I don’t want to eat fast food.  I won’t drink too much water on the road since we try to only stop once in the 350 miles.  I will be blogging while out of town, stay tuned.

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