Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Road Past Roadblocks - repost

This was originally posed on 1/24/2010.  Jack Shi*t is still going strong, rare in the weight loss blog world, but is also struggling with his own weight gain.  There is many things about weight loss that ring true no matter where you are on the your journey.  I talked to my trainer on Friday about the 175 goal.  He said “It’s only about 10 pounds you are 185 right”.  Ummm NO more like 20, I've gained weight.  Guess he hasn’t been reading my blog lately.  It is still possible, just a steeper hill in the uphill battle.

The following is quoted from another Blog I am following
This really fits how I am feeling. Not every day is good around here. In the past I have usually given up after a setback, so I am going to keep this quote in mind.

"I guess the important thing to understand is that on this marathon (weight loss) we’re running, stumbling doesn’t have to lead to stopping, setbacks don’t have to turn into roadblocks. You can pick yourself up and push on, maybe even a little harder, a little more intensely. We may not have an "undo" button, but it's certainly within our power to minimize the damage. It might even be good for you in the long run... and the long run is what this deal is all about, after all."

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