Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Gadget

No weigh in today.  We drove out of town last night to Laughlin.  Right now I am probably sitting in the hot sun on the Colorado River.

Remember this post where I was trying to decide between buying a Nook, Nook Color or iPad.  I really couldn’t decide plus money is a factor.  I asked opinions on facebook, talked to friends and browsed in the shop.  I ping ponged back and forth and then finally came to a decision.  Then I had to wait for the credit cards to cycle so the $ will be on the next bill.

A month and half after my birthday here is my new baby.  Toddler hand and my foot gratuitously included :-)

I decided to go with the new Nook e-ink.  It retails for $139, much more budget friendly.  The issue with the Nook color and iPad is they are not e-ink so you get the same fatigue as reading a computer screen.  My nook is the e-ink, so just books, no fancy apps or games or email.

Eventually I will probably get a smart phone.  Then again maybe not.  The data plans start at $30 a month, $360 extra dollars a year.  Ouch!  Again we have so many BIG things we HAVE to do to the house with no extra funds.  I have until December when I CAN get a new phone.  Sure, I can say f-it and get the new smart phone but …

As far as a goal gift.  When I start being consistently on track and seeing the right direction on the scale I will re-visit a goal gift.  Right now my head is not in the game.  Consistency is the issue.  Too many flub ups to be considered successful right now.

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