Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Garden

Our garden is thriving.  We are super close to being able to eat the fruits of our labor.  The first pic is of our yellow peppers, almost yellow.  Next two is our first eggplant and summer squash.  The squash reappeared from last year along with another tomato plant, a cucumber plant and a second squash plant.  I love watching the mystery plants grow.  Next picture is the one side.  The back is 6 out of control tomato plants.  There is cages under there somewhere.  A garden expert I consulted (for free) said cages are useless, we need to get in there and steak them.  The other side of the garden isn’t doing as well, needs more sun.  The last picture is a reminder of what we started with.

yellow peppers eggplant squah whole thing side the beginning


  1. Envy! Wish I liked to garden. Or that my husband would do it for me!

  2. I lost all my beans and peas to a baby bunny :(