Sunday, July 31, 2011

Garden Bounty and a New Gadget

Our garden is taking off.  The other night we made dinner. 

Sausage sammies with veggies.  Not from garden is the Chicken, Spinach and Fontina sausage (obviously) and the onions.  From the garden – yellow peppers, tomatoes, Anaheim chilies.  I love the taste of the grilled veggies.  I cut up the tomatoes, topped with balsamic vinegar, basil (garden) and mozzarella.  The rest of the veggies were chopped and added to the sammie.


Hubby sautéed eggplant and squash for his packed lunches.  Eggplant in the bowl in back already cooked.IMG_3108

I used my new kitchen gadget, a Frisper Freshkeeper,  to vacuume pack and freeze some pre sliced eggplant.  We will see if this works. 


More Frisper bags – not garden related.  I had some fun playing with it.  White is mozzarella cheese.



  1. My garden just started kicking things out too! i am going to be in betty crocker mode this week preserving things! I made stuffed zuchini this week i hope to blog about it today or tomorrow.

  2. I've never preserved. Would love to hear - read more. Amy