Saturday, July 30, 2011

Channeling George - Repost

This was originally posted on March 5th, 2010.  It not a super interesting post but it has major significance with my relationship with my husband.  I made a decision to no longer lie.  I decided even the small white lies are equally wrong.  Its the small things like if he asks what did we have for lunch.  I will tell the full truth no matter how guilty or crappy I feel about the food choices I made.  It is easy to slip back into the old habit.  The other night my son wanted a happy meal.  Hubby didn’t want him to get a happy meal but was ok with buying the McDees.  I took the kid to McDees. I bought the happy meal. So much easier and it had a Star Wars toy in it.  Later on, hubby asked if it was a happy meal I lied and said no.  I even tried to hide the evidence.  I felt so wrong about it.  I knew I made a mistake.  I should have told the truth and the why’s.

Recently I had to face the reality fo the lie of the past few months.  My food choiuces were not weight loss worthy.  I could see the gain on my shape.  I could feel it everywhere.  Still it took time to face it.

Original Post
I can not tell a lie, at least not anymore. I have lied to myself about my health status. I have fibbed in the past when asked if I worked out. I have sneaked food so my loved ones won’t see me eating it. I lied about what I really ate. I lied to myself when I say it’s ok to eat a whole loaf of French bread (it has happened). That cheeseburger meal won’t hurt your weight loss efforts. It stops now, no more lying to myself, my family or friends. Even small fibs or stretches of the truth are lies, done!!!! I will own this life, this journey and even my mistakes.

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