Monday, July 18, 2011

Back in the Saddle

It’s funny how a week where you intentionally don’t schedule something (no camps, trips, etc) fills up quickly.

I’ve been taking an unintentional blogging break. Sorry so few posts.  I was hitting daily but I think I am going to strive for every other day.  Funny thing is I noticed is that my reposts get more comments.  I am wondering if I wrote more interesting posts back then or its just a coinkydink.

TMI SECTION – Ladies only
On Wednesday I am heading to the hospital to get THIS done (outpatient).  I’ve mentioned the hell I go thru with my cycle.  It is more hellish then I put on.  5 plus days, heavy, thick and very difficult to exercise.  Why difficult?  Let’s say the super products out there last like 15 min at most.  The procedure starts with a D&C then the Novasure.  I’ve had a D&C before when my second baby had no heartbeat in 2006.  I think you can only do this if you are no longer having any babies.  The baby vault is locked up for good here.

Today I was running around for prep of wed – Dr apt, blood work and filled prescriptions all with the 2 boys.  They were great.

The outcome ranges from a wonderful no flow at all to a lighter cycle.  I will still have the hormone craziness and emotions.  We will see, it is worth the try.  Many women I know who did it thank the heavens they did so.


  1. I had this done a couple years ago--it was the *best* thing I ever did! No periods, no more cramping--it's wonderful. I hope you get awesome results too!

  2. Thanks. It's been an issue for me since 4th fricken grade. I love to exercise and hate to be down a few days.

  3. Hope all goes smoothly and it gives you some relief.

  4. Had it it! I'm a lighter cycle girl, but it's so light I can't even tell sometimes. I'll be praying for you on Wednesday!