Thursday, July 7, 2011

ABC’s of My Exercise Routine – part 2

The first part of my ABC’s can be found here.  Part 2 was harder to write.

N is for Nothing.  I can’t do nothing.  I have gotten to the point where I need exercise, I thrive with it.  I am active and on the go.

O is for odor. I’ve noticed lately that I get a bit fragrant during kettlebells.  I always add some deodorant before class.

P is for Paul.  Kettlebell and kickboxing trainer Paul Daniels, Gru and all around good guy.  He has a way of asking your the questions that need to be asked without making you feel bad.  PRAISE is my other P word.  I’ll admit it, I like hearing I am doing a good job on anything.

Q is for quiet.   I am working on quieting my head.  except for the treadmill DVD’s, I exercise with quiet.

R is for running.  I can run for brief periods in bootcamp, probably up to 1/2 mile.  My plan is to do the couch to 5k to work on distance running.  Not a huge fan but I see the benefits. 

S is for sweat. I sweat so much more now.  I remember a spin instruction mentioning that sweat can be a high of very poor heath (obvious) and good heath (hun?).  Basically the premise if that your body is an great condition that it knows how to rid itself of toxins, etc.

T is for Turkish Get-Ups. What!  It’s a kettlebell move that works your whole body.  We don’t do them often enough.  I haven’t progressed to the press part yet.  This is my trainer in the video, Paul Daniels from The Body Warehouse.

U is for sit UPS.  Almost there.  Still can’t one but I am getting close.  Stayed tuned. 

V is for Vaseline.  Ok so maybe not Vaseline but I do always need to have moisturizer on my lips.  Out side I need SPF, I use blistek medicated and inside I use aquaphor. 

W is for Water. I drink a ton of water when I exercise.  I drink about 40 ounces or so just in a 45 min class.  It just feels right.

X is for Cross (X) training. Cross training is key to dynamically changing your body.  My current choices are Kettlebells, yoga, walking and kickboxing.  Sometimes my kettlebell instructor has “super” classes the include ropes, medicine balls, etc.

Y is for yoga. I love Yoga.  Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to go too often lately.  I love a vinyasa flow class where you work and sweat.

Z is for zero. Because I don’t like to see the numbers on the display when I’m working out so I cover them.  Time passes faster if I don’t peek.

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