Sunday, July 10, 2011

4th Weekend Recap

My road trip began on Sat the 2nd.  After scrambling to finish packing I drove 350 miles with the 2 boys.  The trip up was great.  The toddler slept 60% of the time.  It helps to leave around his naptime.  Our only stop was at Sonic.  Sonic is not the best place to stop when on a road trip.  The bathrooms are inconvenient and have no diaper station.  We arrived at my parents house in the evening on sat.

Sun we went to a small, very small fair that had a waterslide.  The big kid loved the slide.  Being in the mountains there isn’t a ton to do.  There was fireworks that night but it was too late and everyone was pooped.  My parents tire very easily, especially with an active 2 year old.  For the 4th we did nothing and that was fine with me.  We hung out at the house and I did lots of reading.  On Tuesday the big kid and I went to see Cars 2.  Thoroughly enjoyable movie.  Wed – we tried a quick visit into town but the toddler had a major meltdown that killed the trip quickly.  Thursday we drove home.

My eating wasn’t the best, a few good days and one or two horrible days, no great days.  On the driving days especially.  My mom made some comments about my eating that I did not appreciate.  It makes me want to eat more and that is wrong.  I won’t get into it.  I managed to walk one day and do a full kettlebell workout another day.

I started and finished a great book while I was there.  “Time of my Life” by Allison Winn Scotch.  Fun, well written, engaging book.

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