Sunday, July 31, 2011

Garden Bounty and a New Gadget

Our garden is taking off.  The other night we made dinner. 

Sausage sammies with veggies.  Not from garden is the Chicken, Spinach and Fontina sausage (obviously) and the onions.  From the garden – yellow peppers, tomatoes, Anaheim chilies.  I love the taste of the grilled veggies.  I cut up the tomatoes, topped with balsamic vinegar, basil (garden) and mozzarella.  The rest of the veggies were chopped and added to the sammie.


Hubby sautéed eggplant and squash for his packed lunches.  Eggplant in the bowl in back already cooked.IMG_3108

I used my new kitchen gadget, a Frisper Freshkeeper,  to vacuume pack and freeze some pre sliced eggplant.  We will see if this works. 


More Frisper bags – not garden related.  I had some fun playing with it.  White is mozzarella cheese.


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Channeling George - Repost

This was originally posted on March 5th, 2010.  It not a super interesting post but it has major significance with my relationship with my husband.  I made a decision to no longer lie.  I decided even the small white lies are equally wrong.  Its the small things like if he asks what did we have for lunch.  I will tell the full truth no matter how guilty or crappy I feel about the food choices I made.  It is easy to slip back into the old habit.  The other night my son wanted a happy meal.  Hubby didn’t want him to get a happy meal but was ok with buying the McDees.  I took the kid to McDees. I bought the happy meal. So much easier and it had a Star Wars toy in it.  Later on, hubby asked if it was a happy meal I lied and said no.  I even tried to hide the evidence.  I felt so wrong about it.  I knew I made a mistake.  I should have told the truth and the why’s.

Recently I had to face the reality fo the lie of the past few months.  My food choiuces were not weight loss worthy.  I could see the gain on my shape.  I could feel it everywhere.  Still it took time to face it.

Original Post
I can not tell a lie, at least not anymore. I have lied to myself about my health status. I have fibbed in the past when asked if I worked out. I have sneaked food so my loved ones won’t see me eating it. I lied about what I really ate. I lied to myself when I say it’s ok to eat a whole loaf of French bread (it has happened). That cheeseburger meal won’t hurt your weight loss efforts. It stops now, no more lying to myself, my family or friends. Even small fibs or stretches of the truth are lies, done!!!! I will own this life, this journey and even my mistakes.

Friday, July 29, 2011

5? Fri 7/29/11

1. Vow renewal ceremonies-yay or nay?
Easy to answer since I just have my 10th anniversary and we had a party.  My thoughts are why change vows that are already perfect.  Maybe if we had some major rough spots it would be a good thing.

2. What sound/s annoy you the most?
Ever watched the kid show Cailou.  Any kid that talks like that.  Or adults who talk baby talk all the time.  Like Khloe Kardashian to her hubby.  Knock it off.

3. If you had to pick, would you have only all boys, or only all girls for kids?
I picked what I got.  All boys.  Not a big fan of little girls.  Too mean and too much drama.  I love having boys.  Not everything is roses but I enjoy it.

4. Do you believe in alternative medicine?
Partially.  I believe in massage for sure and a few other things.  I think a combination is fine.  Not a big fan of only choosing one method.  Especially cancer patients.  Alternative medicine doesn’t do it all.

5. Would you take a family member's children and raise them if they needed it?
Yes and No.  We really don't have the space but I could find some way to make it work.  I have no brothers or sisters.  Hubby’s nieces and nephews are almost all over 18.  There is some great nephews now but I am sure there is a big line of people who would take care of them.  Plus everyone lives 3000 miles away.  I don’t think the situation is ever a possibly for us.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Book Review – 4 Hour Body

I want to share my thoughts of this book so far.  I am barely getting started and so far LOVE it.  I love the way he writes and have found some awesome quotes.  Here is a few I want to highlight.  Quotes are in purple with my comments right after.

Don’t use skepticism as a thinly veiled excuse for inaction or remaining in your comfort zone.  Be skeptical, but for the right reason.  Be proactively skeptical, not defensively skeptical. This is one of his rules for reading his book.  Could apply to anything.  Especially anything related to weight loss.  Fall along the lines of do something.

Take adherence seriously:  will you stick with this change until you hit your goal.  If not, find another method, even if it’s less effective and efficient.  The decent method you follow is better than the perfect method you quit.  - well said

People will think that because genes play a role in something, they determine everything. We see, again and again, people saying, “It’s all genetic. I can’t do anything about it.” That’s nonsense. To say that something has a genetic component does not make it unchangeable, Eric Lander – Leader or the Human Genome Project.  I take issue with people say it’s genetic.  I was dealt a crappy hand when it comes to the gene pool and weight – PCOS and apple shape.  Does that mean I should throw in the towel and let myself go – hell to the no.

The creator of the “calorie” as we know it, 19th-century chemist Wilbur Olin Atwater, did not have the technology that we have today. He incinerated foods. Incineration does not equal human digestion; eating a fireplace log will not store the same number of calories as burning one will produce. Tummies have trouble with bark, as they do with many things.   - The chemist in me is dancing a jig.  Its not just about calories in – calories out.  What you eat plays a vital role.  As you can see the author has a bit of a sarcastic tone – love me some sarcasm.

Good quotes?  What do you think?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekly Weigh In 7/26/11

Weight = 192.0
Loss = –0.6

Even thought the loss is tiny, this is an excellent week all things considered.  On Thursday, the day after my surgery, there was a 199 / 200 on the scale.  I am good with 192.  Happy.  Next week will be even better.

Monday was day one of a low carb start for me.  No bread, no rice, beans, apple only for fruit, limited cheese and protein.  It was also my first day back to exercise.  I took more days off then I intended.  Everything seems fine.  I am beat today.  Between the kettlebell class last night and the 4am toddler wake up, I am tired.

Plan for the rest of the week:
Tue – fitness class & low carb
Wed – Bootcamp & low carb
Thur – Yoga & cheat day *
Fri – Bootcamp & low carb
Sat – rest & low carb
Sun – treadmill 30 min & low carb

* the program I am following includes a cheat day.  On Thursday we are going to the county fair so it would be a great day to cheat.

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Question You Never Want Asked

It happened to me the other day.  The question no fat women wants to be asked.


Due for what an oil change?  A Friend’s cousin asked me the other day at the beach.  I just responded with, no, I just carry all my weight in my stomach.

I guess later the person told my friend she felt bad but that I was so skinny everywhere else that she just figured I was expected.  So much fun being an apple shape with a big belly.  HATE!!!!!!!!!!

Doesn’t everybody know the rule – you never ever ask a women if she is pregnant.

Friday, July 22, 2011

5? Fri 7/22/11

1. If your husband had the BIG V and you got pregnant what would your first reaction be? For the dudes, what would your first reaction be if your wife told you she was pregnant after the Big V?
It would be 100% our fault.  We are supposed to do post “tests” and we never did.  We never confirmed the big V worked.  Now if we did do the tests I not sure how I would think.  Nothing is ever a 100%.

2. Best memory about this summer so far.
Riding see-doos on the Colorado river.  Hubby and 7 year old on one and mean on the other.  Hubby and I were trying to splash each other.  We had fun.  We like to play.

3. How often do you change your sheets? Your kids sheets?

Ideally about once a week, realistically ever other week.  Crib sheets more often then once a week.

4. Having just gone through TSA, would you rather have a full-body scan or a pat-down?
I really don’t care.  Probably the scan, no touching.

5. Since it is fair time...what's your favorite fair (county or state) memory?
I love checking out the product section and the produce growing.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Post Op

Yesterday was my surgery.  I am doing great today.  No pain, very slight discomfort, a bit tired, no pain meds.  My weight is astronomically high.  I am thinking its just a post surgery thing (I hope).  My major dislike of having an surgery is the total lack of control, one min your are being wheeled into the sx room with the anesthesiologist putting something in your IV and the next min you're in the recovery room.  As an admitted control freak I can’t stand the feeling.  I woke up and cried a bit.

Hubby took care of almost my every wish and the kids.  I admittedly milked it a bit but come on it was only one day where I did almost NOTHING.  I am entitled.  Right?

We will see next TOM what my results are, fingers crossed. 

I plan to head back to kettlebells tomorrow and Saturday.  Shouldn’t be an issue but I will listen to my body.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekly Weigh In 7/19/11

Weight = 192.6
Loss = +0.8

I don’t want to write this.  Writing this means I have to admit I haven’t done jack sh*t about my weight in the past month or let’s be honest, past 2 months or how about past 4 months.  Sure I exercise, 1-4 times a week.  Sure I occasionally have a good eating day, here or there.  Overall, no.

I am not sure where I went wrong.  Old patterns have emerged that I thought were buried deep down.  Patterns like binging on otter pops.  I ate like 6 in one day.  At least 6, I lost count.  Patterns of eating more they I need to or stuffing myself.  Patterns of seeking food for comfort.  Patterns of fooling myself.

I am NOT done.  I am not FIT yet.  I have so much more to do.

Enough of this sh*it.

Reset button has been pushed.

More later.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Back in the Saddle

It’s funny how a week where you intentionally don’t schedule something (no camps, trips, etc) fills up quickly.

I’ve been taking an unintentional blogging break. Sorry so few posts.  I was hitting daily but I think I am going to strive for every other day.  Funny thing is I noticed is that my reposts get more comments.  I am wondering if I wrote more interesting posts back then or its just a coinkydink.

TMI SECTION – Ladies only
On Wednesday I am heading to the hospital to get THIS done (outpatient).  I’ve mentioned the hell I go thru with my cycle.  It is more hellish then I put on.  5 plus days, heavy, thick and very difficult to exercise.  Why difficult?  Let’s say the super products out there last like 15 min at most.  The procedure starts with a D&C then the Novasure.  I’ve had a D&C before when my second baby had no heartbeat in 2006.  I think you can only do this if you are no longer having any babies.  The baby vault is locked up for good here.

Today I was running around for prep of wed – Dr apt, blood work and filled prescriptions all with the 2 boys.  They were great.

The outcome ranges from a wonderful no flow at all to a lighter cycle.  I will still have the hormone craziness and emotions.  We will see, it is worth the try.  Many women I know who did it thank the heavens they did so.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Is Being Selfish a Bad Thing - Repost

Originally posted on March 16th, 2010.  Still struggling with this.  Probably more so now with the toddler being over a year older and my 7 year olds needs have transformed lately.  I wish I had some internal timer.  Buzz – you have been on the computer too long time to play with your kids.  Buzz – its time to workout and plan your food.  Buzz – time to clean up the house.

Selfish \Self"ish\, 1. Caring supremely or unduly for one's self; regarding one's own comfort, advantage, etc., in disregard, or at the expense, of those of others. [1913 Webster], 2. Believing or teaching that the chief motives of human action are derived from love of self. [1913 Webster].

I am beginning to realize that this weight loss journey takes a bit of selfishness. This epiphany came to me today. Every day I have to love myself enough to choose myself. Every day and moment is a battle to be selfish enough to be successful on this journey versus balancing all the other stuff of life. Sometimes I have to choose the treadmill over playing with my son. The balance of it all is hard. Today I choose to pay a babysitter $20 of my “allowance” so I could go to a yoga class. That’s 20% of my money for 2 weeks. Many days I choose to leave the house a bit dirty so that I get my workout in and proper sleep. But oh do I do that 100% guilt free? Not always. Sometimes there is guilt involved when I choose to be selfish. I think the #2 definition hits the nail on the head of how I am thinking.

In my SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) journey I have met many many moms. Some of these moms seem to be super “with it” and really have the balance, but on the other hand they admit to getting only 4 hours of sleep. Is that really in balance?

Friday, July 15, 2011

5? Fri 7/15/11


1. If you knew your best friend's spouse was cheating on her or him, would you tell her (him)?
HEAVY.  Is it really my business to step inside another's marriage.  I say NO but…..
I would want to know myself.  Maybe I’ll tell him/her in a backhanded way.  For example asking a ton of questions about said spouse that might spark my friend to investigate further.  I don’t know.  Is there really a right or wrong answer here.

You really have to know 100% they are cheating if you tell the person.  I might say something like “I saw John the other day at xxx”  Again it might be enough to spark my friend into investigating further.

2. Soda in a can or a bottle?
No soda here but If I did I would choose in glass with a ton of ice then glass bottle.

3. What do you wash first, hair or body?
Hair first, face then body from top down.

4. What advice would you give to any new mama?
RELAX.  They don’t need much. – you and your love, food, and a clean diaper and they won’t break as easily as you think.  Sorry to possibly offend someone but I think wipe warmers are ridiculous.  Actually there is a ton of ridiculous baby stuff out there.  Keep it simple.

5. What is your best hangover remedy?
I don’t think I had a remedy so to say but a big greasy egg filled breakfast seemed to work.

CRAP we are halfway thru July.  How the hell did that happen.  Was I sleeping.

We can home yesterday.  I had one of those days where you have a continuous headache. I hate when that happens. 

My weight is where I expect it to be, not where I want it to be.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Gadget

No weigh in today.  We drove out of town last night to Laughlin.  Right now I am probably sitting in the hot sun on the Colorado River.

Remember this post where I was trying to decide between buying a Nook, Nook Color or iPad.  I really couldn’t decide plus money is a factor.  I asked opinions on facebook, talked to friends and browsed in the shop.  I ping ponged back and forth and then finally came to a decision.  Then I had to wait for the credit cards to cycle so the $ will be on the next bill.

A month and half after my birthday here is my new baby.  Toddler hand and my foot gratuitously included :-)

I decided to go with the new Nook e-ink.  It retails for $139, much more budget friendly.  The issue with the Nook color and iPad is they are not e-ink so you get the same fatigue as reading a computer screen.  My nook is the e-ink, so just books, no fancy apps or games or email.

Eventually I will probably get a smart phone.  Then again maybe not.  The data plans start at $30 a month, $360 extra dollars a year.  Ouch!  Again we have so many BIG things we HAVE to do to the house with no extra funds.  I have until December when I CAN get a new phone.  Sure, I can say f-it and get the new smart phone but …

As far as a goal gift.  When I start being consistently on track and seeing the right direction on the scale I will re-visit a goal gift.  Right now my head is not in the game.  Consistency is the issue.  Too many flub ups to be considered successful right now.

Monday, July 11, 2011

“When You Eat …..” Book Review

So I bit off more that I could chew when I decided to do a book review.  I love this book but with 50 brief chapters there is no way I could outline all of them.  The book is designed to be a brief pick me up and read rather than binge eat.  I had to return it to the library.

Geneene Roth offers a series of books on compulsive eating and perpetual dieting.  My plan is pick up a few of her books.

The book is full of quick advice with anecdotes and personal stories.  It’s about loving yourself and changing they way you think about your body and food.  She doesn’t believe in calorie counting.  Here is where I am divided.  I do believe in intuitive eating but I think at some point in a weight loss journey you need to calorie and portion check yourself.  She also believes in unprocessed food.

I've been having more issues with binge eating.  My head is not in the right “place”.  I’ve been doing f-upd things with my eating even though I KNOW its wrong.

I would recommend this book or maybe check out the site and find another book that could work for you.

Currently I just started “4 Hour Body” by Timothy Ferriss.  I know this book is geared more towards men but being a chemist I am interested in the science and experience he did.  It does have women in there and my other interest is he works with kettlebells.  It’s a big book, so it may be some time. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

4th Weekend Recap

My road trip began on Sat the 2nd.  After scrambling to finish packing I drove 350 miles with the 2 boys.  The trip up was great.  The toddler slept 60% of the time.  It helps to leave around his naptime.  Our only stop was at Sonic.  Sonic is not the best place to stop when on a road trip.  The bathrooms are inconvenient and have no diaper station.  We arrived at my parents house in the evening on sat.

Sun we went to a small, very small fair that had a waterslide.  The big kid loved the slide.  Being in the mountains there isn’t a ton to do.  There was fireworks that night but it was too late and everyone was pooped.  My parents tire very easily, especially with an active 2 year old.  For the 4th we did nothing and that was fine with me.  We hung out at the house and I did lots of reading.  On Tuesday the big kid and I went to see Cars 2.  Thoroughly enjoyable movie.  Wed – we tried a quick visit into town but the toddler had a major meltdown that killed the trip quickly.  Thursday we drove home.

My eating wasn’t the best, a few good days and one or two horrible days, no great days.  On the driving days especially.  My mom made some comments about my eating that I did not appreciate.  It makes me want to eat more and that is wrong.  I won’t get into it.  I managed to walk one day and do a full kettlebell workout another day.

I started and finished a great book while I was there.  “Time of my Life” by Allison Winn Scotch.  Fun, well written, engaging book.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

To Plan or Not To Plan

Originally posed on March 19, 2010.  Yet again this is still a reoccurring issue for me.  Since I am part of a group exercise class (Kettlebells) my workouts are pretty scheduled.  Now that doesn’t mean I don’t change plans, I do.  For example if one of the kids are sick and I have a very bad night, I am NOT going to go to boot camp at 5am.  Hubby’s schedule has variability to it too, I have to go with the flow.  With food I am still not a planner.  I occasionally menu plan dinners for the week prior to grocery shopping but that is about the extant.  Maybe that is the missing peace of the puzzle.

Planning and preparing is a fine balance for me. On one hand I need to plan out how my week is and how I am going to eat. But on the other if I over plan, and go off plan I feel failure which is not good. Let me explain.

Looking over the past 3 months. I found I was most successful during the times I actually scheduled my workouts for the whole week and thought about my eating plan. I not saying I had every meal for every day planned out. Just a bit more forethought than going by the seat of my pants. For example no milk or bread for the week.

On the other hand I know I can be a bit obsessive. If I calorie count every bite using a great website like I start getting a bit nutty about it. If I indulge or go over I feel like I failed and get a bit upset. When plans are too specific, like Cooler #1 from Eat Clean, I feel confined, restricted and I REBEL. Yes I said it, I REBEL. I am a 36 year old rebellious kid. If you know my husband and I you won’t believe the next sentence. I am super stubborn, more stubborn than my husband. It’s true people. I am just better at hiding it. If I miss a planned exercise then not so nutty. Food is where I need to stay focused. Exercise is icing on my healthy cake.

So it’s all about balance. Seems to be a running theme in my life.

Friday, July 8, 2011

5? Fri 7/8/11

1. Do you think cursive writing is overrated? (Schools in Indiana have now voted to take teaching cursive writing out of their curriculum.)
Hated it.  Sucked at it mainly because I skipped 4th grade.  It is needed because you need to be able to read it.  I’ve noticed my almost second grader has issues reading other fonts.  Especially any twirly fonts.  I do think it is an outdated skill. I just don’t know.

2. Do you still use a pocket calendar or notepad or do you keep your info on your smart phone?
I need to join list makers or note makers anonymous.  I don’t have a smart phone yet.  My phone is ancient.  I had a nice one (not smart) but the toddler decided it needed to go in the toilet.  I am waiting for my plan to let me get a new phone and hopefully I can justify the cost of a smart phone.  That aside I make notes and lists everywhere.  I am trying to consolidate.  I use the sticky note on my desktop alot (like a post – it) and I am beginning to love Microsoft One-Note.  Otherwise I have notepads and papers everywhere.

3. What 3 things would you save if your house was burning down? (family & pets are already safe)
My external hardrive (with all my pics), my scrapbooks and some framed pictures.  It’s all about the pictures.  I don’t have any special or generational pieces I would want to save, just my pics.

4. Country Mouse or City Mouse, err Person?
Suburban mouse.  Don’t want city life or country.  I am happy in my burbs.  I have beautiful outdoor wilderness areas and Target down the street.  My parents live in the mountains.  It takes 30 min for the market and over an hour to any major store, that is not for me.

5. If you could pick ANY reality show to go on, which would you pick?
Real Housewives of Orange County to show that how an actual REAL housewife of OC lives, dresses, spends and acts.  It is a major joke around here watching those ladies make us all look bad.  The live in the same general area.  Yes, I admit I watch it for curiosity factor.  I like to see the restaurant they go to etc.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

ABC’s of My Exercise Routine – part 2

The first part of my ABC’s can be found here.  Part 2 was harder to write.

N is for Nothing.  I can’t do nothing.  I have gotten to the point where I need exercise, I thrive with it.  I am active and on the go.

O is for odor. I’ve noticed lately that I get a bit fragrant during kettlebells.  I always add some deodorant before class.

P is for Paul.  Kettlebell and kickboxing trainer Paul Daniels, Gru and all around good guy.  He has a way of asking your the questions that need to be asked without making you feel bad.  PRAISE is my other P word.  I’ll admit it, I like hearing I am doing a good job on anything.

Q is for quiet.   I am working on quieting my head.  except for the treadmill DVD’s, I exercise with quiet.

R is for running.  I can run for brief periods in bootcamp, probably up to 1/2 mile.  My plan is to do the couch to 5k to work on distance running.  Not a huge fan but I see the benefits. 

S is for sweat. I sweat so much more now.  I remember a spin instruction mentioning that sweat can be a high of very poor heath (obvious) and good heath (hun?).  Basically the premise if that your body is an great condition that it knows how to rid itself of toxins, etc.

T is for Turkish Get-Ups. What!  It’s a kettlebell move that works your whole body.  We don’t do them often enough.  I haven’t progressed to the press part yet.  This is my trainer in the video, Paul Daniels from The Body Warehouse.

U is for sit UPS.  Almost there.  Still can’t one but I am getting close.  Stayed tuned. 

V is for Vaseline.  Ok so maybe not Vaseline but I do always need to have moisturizer on my lips.  Out side I need SPF, I use blistek medicated and inside I use aquaphor. 

W is for Water. I drink a ton of water when I exercise.  I drink about 40 ounces or so just in a 45 min class.  It just feels right.

X is for Cross (X) training. Cross training is key to dynamically changing your body.  My current choices are Kettlebells, yoga, walking and kickboxing.  Sometimes my kettlebell instructor has “super” classes the include ropes, medicine balls, etc.

Y is for yoga. I love Yoga.  Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to go too often lately.  I love a vinyasa flow class where you work and sweat.

Z is for zero. Because I don’t like to see the numbers on the display when I’m working out so I cover them.  Time passes faster if I don’t peek.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Garden

Our garden is thriving.  We are super close to being able to eat the fruits of our labor.  The first pic is of our yellow peppers, almost yellow.  Next two is our first eggplant and summer squash.  The squash reappeared from last year along with another tomato plant, a cucumber plant and a second squash plant.  I love watching the mystery plants grow.  Next picture is the one side.  The back is 6 out of control tomato plants.  There is cages under there somewhere.  A garden expert I consulted (for free) said cages are useless, we need to get in there and steak them.  The other side of the garden isn’t doing as well, needs more sun.  The last picture is a reminder of what we started with.

yellow peppers eggplant squah whole thing side the beginning

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Summer Day In My life

No weight in today since I am out of town.  To be on track for my 175 goal I need to be around 189 today, we will see when I get back.  Hope everyone survived the BBQs and deliciousness for the 4th.

Summer has been busy and that’s great.  I love summer.  Here is an example of one day last week.  It was a big one for sure.

  • 5:00 am – wake up and go to kettlebell boot camp
  • 6:45 am – home, class is only 5 min away, blog, shower, wake up house, pack up
  • 7:30 am – meet at neighbors house and walk 9 - 7 year old boys down to Boy Scout Camp
  • 8-1:30 pm – Volunteer at camp, watch 11 boys among 100’s.  Extra workout included helping with sawing and all the walking.  Woodshop = work for mommy 
  • IMG_2873
  • 1:30 pm – walk back uphill to home
  • 2-4:00 pm – See hubby for 5 min, kiss him goodbye – he was home with 2 y.o while I worked at camp.  e-catchup with emails, blog reading, etc, clean up house and have 7yo do his chores.
  • 4:00 pm – 7 y.o. friend over for sleep over
  • 4:30 to 8 pm – pick up pizza and take 3 boys to beach pool by myself.
  • 8 pm  - bedtime for toddler and prep boys for bed
  • 9 pm – wee ones out time to spend time with hubby
  • 10:30 pm - CRASH

By 10 pm I could barley keep my eyes open.  I love being active and busy but it does take its toll.  We cycle between calm & lazy and active & busy.  Scout camp is a long, fun week for the big kid.  He is BEAT at the end of the day.  We are lucky to be so close that we can hike to camp every day.  I have been walking down with the group every day for some additional walking.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July, 2011

Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better – Albert Camus

I plan to be BETTER

Since hubby has to work the 4th I decided to travel to my parents.  We might go into town (very small) for the fireworks, otherwise not a ton of food socialization happening here (good).  It will be the boys, my parents and I for the holiday.  We will miss hubby.

Hope everyone out there has a wonderful 4th - in control and on track to drop some LBs.  I plan to.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Road Trip 7/2/11

Yesterday, Saturday the 2nd, the boys and I are headed out of town to my parents house.  On the road for at least 7 hours with a kid and a toddler by myself!  Whoo hoo wanna trade?

I am bringing my kettlebell with me and I asked my trainer to write down a workout.  I will get some walks in too.  My parents live in the mountains so there is no traditional path, you just make it up and hope the cars see you.  If I go without the stroller I may try to adventure a bit more.

The positives about my parents house is that it is very calming being up in the mountains and gorgeous.  Since I am away from all the crap, I get to breath.  Sometimes my parents mistake it for me being lazy just wanting to relax.  It’s not that, I just feel so peaceful that I don’t want to do much.  I gets lots of reading done.

The negatives are sleep.  The toddlers sleep to be exact.  The first night is always hard, he sleeps so poorly.  Then there is the barking dogs that wake us up early in the am and make it difficult for the the toddler to take his nap.  There is also the food.  Mom likes her sweets and since she is the same person who raised me, they are the same things I like.  I have to resist temptations that I don’t have in my house.

This is the first of 2 road trips in as many weeks.  Hubby is staying home to work and hopefully get some projects done at home. My plan is to pack a ton of food for the road.  I don’t want to eat fast food.  I won’t drink too much water on the road since we try to only stop once in the 350 miles.  I will be blogging while out of town, stay tuned.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Road Past Roadblocks - repost

This was originally posed on 1/24/2010.  Jack Shi*t is still going strong, rare in the weight loss blog world, but is also struggling with his own weight gain.  There is many things about weight loss that ring true no matter where you are on the your journey.  I talked to my trainer on Friday about the 175 goal.  He said “It’s only about 10 pounds you are 185 right”.  Ummm NO more like 20, I've gained weight.  Guess he hasn’t been reading my blog lately.  It is still possible, just a steeper hill in the uphill battle.

The following is quoted from another Blog I am following
This really fits how I am feeling. Not every day is good around here. In the past I have usually given up after a setback, so I am going to keep this quote in mind.

"I guess the important thing to understand is that on this marathon (weight loss) we’re running, stumbling doesn’t have to lead to stopping, setbacks don’t have to turn into roadblocks. You can pick yourself up and push on, maybe even a little harder, a little more intensely. We may not have an "undo" button, but it's certainly within our power to minimize the damage. It might even be good for you in the long run... and the long run is what this deal is all about, after all."

Friday, July 1, 2011

5? Fri 7/1/11

I can’t believe it’s July.  Time and summer are flying by.  Crazy.

1. If you had the opportunity to bungee jump, would you?
Yes, no, I don’t know.  When I watched the Biggest Looser in New Zealand, I would consider it.  I think it would be fun, especially if I was in New Zealand.

2. Would you rather go to the movie theater or to the drive-in?
Drive-ins haven’t existed around here in probably 15 years.  For nostalgia sakes I would like it once but on a regular basis movie theater all the way.  I recently watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 at home.  It wasn’t the same.  Our DVD to TV sound stinks. 

3. Do you have your groceries delivered?
Hell to the no.  Every penny counts here.  And I mean EVERY penny.  I am not even sure if there is much service around here for that.  I shop 4-5 stores including Costco on a regular basis for our food.  We use all the grocery adds and compare what on sale.  We occasionally coupon but since we eat “nearly” unprocessed it doesn’t help much.

4. Eyebrows: Do you wax, thread, pluck, or stay au natural?
No to the au natural, having a shape to your eyebrows really accents your face and eyes.  I pluck on a semi regular basis.  I like a good waxer but my skin is so dang sensitive that I have too many issues.  I gets bumps and break out.  I use Neosporin.  Last time I waxed was April.

5. Would the people you went to high school with be surprised by your life today?
Seriously I could care less.  I didn’t know myself much in high school.  I blossomed in college.  I think they may be surprised I was married late in my 20’s and not right out of high school.  I was a serial serious dater when I was young.  The also may surprised I married and gun toting police officer Marine.