Sunday, June 5, 2011

Would You Judge?

The other day Lyn from Escape from Obesity posed a great question seeking honest answers.  I wanted to repost it here and give you my response.

What do you think... what do you *honestly* think... when you see a very obese mother with her very obese young child? What do you think? Do you make any assumptions? How do you feel towards the mother? Towards the child?

What if they are at a buffet eating loads of fried chicken and French fries, or at McDonald's having Big Macs? What if they are walking briskly on a path together? What if they are eating a salad together?

Does any of that change your thoughts or feelings?

This was a hot button post.  The comments were all over and very honest.  Some think obesity is genetic, i don’t.  Others mentioned how you don’t know what the mental issues are and they maybe a major factor in the obesity. This is my 2 cents.  Please be open to my honesty and don’t judge me.  Not that you would :-)

This is a tough one for sure. Judging an obese person is an accepted form of discrimination, probably one of the last. We have no right and should never judge someone on the color of their skin so why is ok to do so with weight and lifestyle choice. Yes, being overweight is 90% choice (mental or physical) and 10% genetic. Yes, you can gain weight from an injury but you still can control your eating and adjust the amount based on how you can move. Mental illness can affect your weight but you still have a choice to seek treatment. That being said doesn’t mean I am above it all.

Now 40 pounds less I think I have less tolerance than before. You have a choice. No, that choice is not just about food, mental plays a big part. But, there is still choice there. You can choose to work on the mental aspects of why you make your lifestyle choices. I am fat, my 2 kids and hubby are not. When I see obese families it makes me so sad. I can’t imagine the hurdles those kids face. Especially when they decide to become healthy (maybe as an adult). I think regardless of the situation I honestly would be judgmental (in my head only) but yes more so in the buffet situation. The statics are staggering. If one parent is obese the child has a 50% chance of becoming obese. If both parents are then, it jumps to 80%. Something needs to happen or it will get far worse.

I also believe education, income and availability of healthy food choices plays a big factor. When you can get a double cheeseburger at the mc arches for $1.49 where is the motivation to go home and cook your own meal? It is hard work fixing yourself.

(added to this post) Is obesity genetic?  My answer is yes and no.  You can be pre-deposed to genetic conditions that are linked to obesity, like diabetes.  In my case I was genetically gifted with PCOS.  That means I have an apple shape, major belly fat, insulin resistant, high triglycerides and sensitivity to carbs among other things.  It also means I have a far greater chance of being diabetic.  Does that mean I have to be obese or diabetic?  NO.  I just have a harder time losing weight but I still have a CHOICE.  I fight that CHOICE every day.  I work every second.  I may not always be on the right side of “my choice” but it’s still my choice.

Please add you honest thoughts?

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  1. I believe that you lead by example. Kids learn from their parents. I taught my kids the wrong way to look at food for a LONG time and 2 of them are overweight. The last couple of years we have changed, some, and I've been trying to be a better example. They have changed as well. My youngest is only 9 and obviously has a lot of growth but if he did/does not change his eating habits, he WILL be obese, I am sure of it. They will learn these habits from me, good or bad. I feel horrible for teaching them that their main food comes from a drive through for so many years but I am glad that I am able to change it now. I'm far from "fit and healthy" so we are still on that journey.

    Yes, I do feel horrible when I see an obese family. I know they don't WANT to be that way, they just haven't figured out how to get out of it yet.