Monday, June 27, 2011

A Willing Partner

In case you haven’t noticed using words and writing are not my strongpoint, never has been, I am math and science girl.  I have a bachlors in Chemistry to prove it :-)  I have tried to convey how much my husband rocks.  Maybe this will help.

The other night, after being gone all day and night at Disneyland with the big kid while hubby stayed home with the 2 year old, we had an awesome discussion.  It started with “I read your blog”.  He is not a regular reader.  For awhile he did and occasionally I would send him a post I think he should read.  It’s been a long time.  He said he read many posts.

His first comment was that he doesn’t want me to stress about the house.  Um ok, but how.  I am here all the time.  I am constantly working on keeping it up unless I am in my “give up” moods and its too much.  When there is too much to do, too many places that need work I get overwhelmed and give up.  Not the best quality, I know.

He also thinks where he has been in his fit journey is affecting me.  Background – He started Kettlebell training the same time I did (Dec 2010).  We were consistent and enjoyed it.  He was also working on dropping some weight and making good food choices.  He is not obese at all, just a bit thick.  He is about 5’6” and maybe maxes at 190 pounds.  His motivation for getting fitter was related to making a marker for a career related thing.  I won’t give the details, they are not mine to give out.  He didn’t make the mark and he essentially stopped all forward progress on weight and fitness around March, and gained weight.  My opinion is his lack has nothing to do with my current lack (and gain).  I could be wrong and maybe deep down there is something to what he is saying.  He is not a saboteur and brings home pies or something like that.  He is just not doing anything for himself.  He said lets hit 175 when we leave for Florida in August (8/24).  The we part is since we both weigh about the same, sucky I know.

His last comment was “no more chocolate covered anything in the house”.  We’ve been buying covered almonds and cashews.  Yummy but he is right, they have to GO.

We need to talk more about his comments.  It was past midnight and we both passed out quickly.  Espiecially about the 175 and the HOW.

Is your partner willing or unwilling and how does that affect your journey?

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  1. Lucky you! Mine, I guess I'd say unwilling. He needs to and wants to lose weight, or so he says. But he continues to bring crap into the house. He feels he needs to do it his way which would be fine if it was getting him anywhere. Fortunately I have mostly been able to resist the tempting foods he gets, but I'd sure love to have him on board, and I think he'd be glad once he saw progress. That said - he IS my cardio partner:)