Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weekly Weigh In 6/7/11

Weight = 190.0
Loss = –1.6

Finally the right direction.  Next week, back in the 180’s, never ever to return to the 190’s again.

Body and mind have been adjusting to the new workout schedule.  The timing is different and the intensity is higher.  I was plum tired last week.  Hubby even commented he “hates” when I am tired, I guess I get a bit snappy or let’s just be honest BITCHY.  Last night I did double kettlebell swings and squats.  That would be squatting, all the way down, with 52 pounds in my arms.  OUCH !!!!!!!!

I’ve fully tracked my food for the last 4 days and surprise surprise, I am eating more than I thought.  Yesterday was the lowest at 1450 calories and 158g of carbs.  Been having a hard time controlling the chocolate covered almonds in the house.  YUMMY.

I am enjoying working on my house and having the free time to do so.  The list is long a tedious but its moving.  I have a whole post planned that is dedicated to my space. 


  1. Oh chocolate covered almonds! Yum. Can't have them around. Good job getting back on track.