Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weekly Weigh In 6/14/11

Weight = 191.0
Loss = +1.0

I was wrong last week when I expected to be in the 180’s.  The main reason is my TOM and that I wasn’t in control when it hit.  It came at the same time my toddler was suffering an ear infection = no sleep for mommy.  My weight was far worse the other day.  The scale was 194.  Yikes.

I’m working hard on staying focused.  We went to a frozen yogurt shop yesterday.  I ate nothing, my friend was surprised.  The first few days of bringing your calories under control SUCK.

School is out in a week.  The summer is well planned but includes lots being out of the house.  I need to hone up on my cooler packing skills.  Got to bring the good stuff with me to fight temptation.  We have 3 trips – one to my parents house (me and boys only), another to Laughlin again and the last to visit my hubby's parents in FL, in the middle of August.  More on that later.

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