Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sit Ups

I’ve mentioned before my serious lack of ability when it comes to sit ups.  I am talking full range of motion sit ups.  This is not a new thing.  I couldn’t do them when I was a kid, a soccer player for 12 years or as an adult in an exercise class.

Monday night I asked my trainer to work with me on learning how to fire the muscles correctly.  We tried putting my feet in the kettlebell handle for support.  No luck.  It only worked with him standing on my feet.  Homework - do this on my couch.

Today at early am boot camp I was doing the wimpy sit ups (lifting shoulders only).  We tried the bell feet again, Nope.  Then he offered his fingers.  That worked.  Problem is that my internal system was getting a bit backed up and a fluff happened.  It was fairly quiet but he probably heard it and smelled it.  I just kept going but was internally embarrassed.  He left me to my leg lifts.

Then my friend came over.  My very fit friend.  Her advice was to swing my arms more.  She decided to hold my feet.  Please No.  Luckily my system stayed intact and she wasn’t there long.

I was a bit self conscious about needed all the attention for my sit ups.  Seriously why the hell can’t I do them?  Practice time.

That’s my embarrassing exercise moment, yours?

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  1. I have the same problem. There are 2 ways I've found that I'm able to do sit ups now. One is to get an elastic exercise band. Wrap it around a stationary object like a bench and use the tension to assist me in sitting up. Also hold weights in your hands, elbows bent next to your chest. Swing your arms forward, kind of like a biceps curl, and the momentum from the extra weight will help pull you forward. After doing this for a while I have finally learned how to do sit ups, a few at a time, by myself. Hope that helps.

    I've had many embarrassing moments. Like when my trainer asked me to jump over a bench, I tried, didn't clear it and fell on my ass in the gym in front of a whole bunch of muscled up pumped up dudes. Sigh.......BUT, I tried again and did it. Never give up!