Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pills and Poppers

Do you supplement?  You know all those vitamins and things out there that you can take that may or may not help you.  Supplements, in a very very limited capacity, can be helpful to weight loss.  But there can be a negative side to it.

Here is my regimen for the day (with a brief reason), most of it is normal for a women approaching her 40’s (yuck!):

  • baby aspirin 81mg – cause I'm old and have the gene marker for clotting
  • Metformin 1500 mg – to control PCOS symptoms & insulin resistance
  • Vit D3 – keep colds away
  • Vit C – obvious
  • Daily Vit – organic whole food vitamin, not synthetic
  • Fish Oil *
  • CLA – Conjugated Linoleic Acid – recommendation by trainer to reduce belly fat.  Not sure if it’s working ;-)
  • Probiotic

* - My Endocrinologist (for PCOS) recommended 2000mg of a combo of EPA and DHA, you have to look at the label.  You either have to take a ton of pills or find a very very high potency.  Most market brands are way too low.  I would rather take less pills.  A friend mentioned it helps with recovery from her workouts.  It has increased my good cholesterol by 15 points and I think it’s making my hair thicker.

Recently my trainer recommended an energy drink for my dragging arse.  Not a Rockstar etc but a supplement that contains minerals, vitamins and amino acids.  Some days I am a slug, not because I don’t want to exercise, I just don’t have IT.  There is a caffeine version and and a caffeine free version.  Mind you I drink only water and tea.  Only 2 cups of my tea are caffeinated.  I have to be very careful with affine, one caffeinated drink in the afternoon can keep me up all night.  Yesterday my experience with the caffeine version was awesome and scary.

Why?  I slept in yesterday until about 7:30.  I needed it.  I was beat from my Monday workout, my weekend and my TOM.  I ate my breakfast, oatmeal with whey protein and ground flax meal (more supplements), had a cup of tea and showered.  I was dragging arse big time.  I was beat.  On my way to the park I drank the energy drink.  The rest of the day I felt good, awake and able to do tasks.  I wasn’t “high”, I just wasn’t the big slug.  It’s scary how good I felt.  I wouldn’t want to become addicted to the feeling, I mentioned this to my trainer.  He agrees and said you use it when you need the recovery and eventually you will get to a point you won’t need it. 

Do you supplement?

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  1. I take a multivitamin, chewable because I hate to swallow pills. And a full strength (325mg) aspirin because of my family history and high c-reactive protein level. I should do some others but... oh... gag.