Sunday, June 12, 2011

Everything Fine or Always Stressful?

A fellow blogger (Need to Get Me Back) is having a rough week.  In her post there was a paragraph that stuck a cord with me.

Moral of the story is that it's easy to make good choices and be smart when everything is going fine. When things are going wrong, when it's stressful, when you are tested, that's when it's harder and you have to make a bigger effort to be mindful of your choices. And I don't have everything figured out.

My problem is I never feel like everything is going fine.  I feel like I’m always in a heightened state, stressful state and then I go to a completely exhausted state.  Here is what my morning has been so far, maybe it will provide some insight, it’s roughly 10am on Sunday morning:

Hubby up at 4:15am for work, asked me about his socks (in dryer), toddler up at 5:20am, wants milk, refuses to go back in his bed, we go to my bed and fall back asleep.  (pause in writing to – removed toddler from playing in sink, clean up cupcake mess (7yo), comfort toddler, warm up tea).  All up at 8am (that was awesome), kids go downstairs to play Wii, 7yo yells that the Wii is not working.  I mange to use the facilities and put something on.  Spend next 20 min trying to fix Wii (toddler broke it).  Meanwhile toddler finds card deck and spread it all over floor and spread a tube of sunscreen on floor and wall in other room.  Enter kitchen and attempt to make my tea, notice sunscreen and dead fish in tank*.  Clean up sunscreen, get kids breakfast, call hubby.  Create a temporary tank for the 2 remaining fish, fish them out, fish out dead fish.  Change poopie diaper and make more frozen waffle for kids (not great breakfast for them, I know, I’m trying), take out trash and recycles. (another pause to attend to yelling toddler who wants something out of his brother room upstairs).  Finally a brief chance to sit down, drink tea and blog read and write.

* yesterday toddler climbed up grabbed fish food and dumped it in the tank and on floor.  I skimmed the tank completely and cleaned floor.  The water was still very cloudy so I was hopeful.

This was in a span of 2 hours and I sure I left some things out.  I’ve only been up for 2 hours.  I feel like I am riding on crazy.  Doesn’t help that I too binged the last 2 days, TOM came yesterday with a wallop and my weight is way up.  I have a mountain of clothes to fold, fish tank to clean, dirty house, etc all while trying to keep the kids happy and sane.  I never feel the “going fine” in my life.  I know this is a season in my life (having a toddler) and it too will pass.  But seriously!

I have to find the “going fine” in my life or find another way to deal with the chaos.  What about you?

Add on – Just go a call from my trainer, calling me out.  I missed a few days this week.  No more excuses.  Back on.  4 weeks of consistency.  Calories on track., exercise on, head right.

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