Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bread Addict – repost

This post is from February 3, 2010.  My A1c is much lower now, thanks to hard work and a loss of 20 pounds or so.  I still have issues with bread.  I still have a hard time going all day without a bread like product.

I have insulin resistance. There is no denying it. When I did the 3 hour glucose tolerance test (not pregnant) in June 2008 my 3 hour number was one point below diabetes. My last A1c was 5.8%, diabetes starts at 6.0%.

I have been working on menu items to tack on my fridge as a quick reference. So every meal I think of has a starchy carb in it. More specifically, BREAD. I am addicted to bread. Eggs with toast, Cottage cheese with English muffin, turkey sandwich, etc. A warm sourdough roll loaded with butter is a thing of beauty. Surprisingly I am not much of a pasta fan, bring on the garlic bread I say.

For a long time my house has only had whole wheat, high fiber bread in it. Like Milton’s, etc. I have also been trying to keep the carbs to 30g per meal. But right now I am trying to really kick start the weight loss and hit my goal of 200. In order to do that I am going to eliminate the bread for a few weeks. Lunch is the hardest to eliminate because I really do not like salads. I feel like I eat forever and never feel even slightly satisfied. I also like warm food. So far I have not had a 100% on track day, very close. With many aspects in my life, consistency is the issue.

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