Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weekly Weight In 5/17/11

Weight = on vacation, weight next Tuesday

We’re off on an adventure.  Monday night we drove to Laughlin NV with both Kids.  We are meeting some of hubby’s co workers there.  This is our first trip with this well established group.  I’ve only met them once.  I am a bit nervous (shy) about all that and hanging out in my bathing suit.


The positives of this trip are that if all goes well it could be the first of many with this group.  Something I have always desired for our family.  I envision doing trips with other families.  Being an older child of semi antisocial parents this never happened when I was growing up.  Oh yeah, we are on a mini vacay, another positive.

The negatives are sleep and food.  The toddler’s sleep to be exact.  The first night is always hard, he sleeps so poorly.  Plus the last few days he thinks it ok to be wide awake at 4:30 AM.  Are you kidding me.  I don’t think so.  Food choices will be limited.  I am packing some food and snacks to help out.

I have a few post planned, stay tuned.

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