Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekly Weigh In 5/31/11

Weigh = 191.6
Loss = +0.8

Do you hear that?  Do you hear that music?  I do, time to face the music.

I know I can do this, you know I can do this, time to DO IT.

Our bodies are funny.  They make you feel great when your drop weight, exercise and eat right.  But they make it very difficult to see a scale change.  On the other hand they make it super easy to gain weight.  So easy.

I’ve decided to change up my exercise routine for a few reasons.  I will continue with yoga and kettlebells but in a slightly different form (boot camp style).  I will be adding more walking and in July starting the couch to 5k program.  The major change will be when I do my exercise.  Currently I kettlebell train Mon, Tue and Thru night at 6:30pm.  I’ve decided its far more important to have a family dinner and nighttime consistency in the house.  My sacrifice is that I will now be training at 5 am.  I will also be training for The Tinker Bell half marathon in January 2012.  Big change.  The exception is Monday.  Hubby works like 14 hours, so 1. there is no family dinner with him and 2. I can’t go to the 5am class, he is already gone by then.

Mon  - walking in am and 6:30 pm K-bells
Tue – walk, yoga or 9am Boot camp - choice
Wed – 5:30am boot camp
Thur – walk, yoga or 9am Boot camp - choice
Fri – 5am boot camp and kickboxing
Sat – walk
Sun – rest


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