Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Weekly Weigh In 5/3/11 – a day later

Weight = 189.2 on 5/3
Loss Gain = +2.4

First off my apologies for being a day later.  I couldn’t find any time to blog yesterday.  My day started with the usual school drop off, then an appointment with my endocrinologist, home stuff, talk with hubby, prescription fill, school pick up, to hospital for a cat scan while hubby buys shoes for kids, impromptu meet for dinner with another family, then off to mom’s movie night.

My heath – The endocrinologist was a routine visit.  I lost 2 pounds from her charts, not fantastic but the right direction for sure.  My blood chemistry is great.  Blood pressure is still marginally high.  Why a chest CT?  Well when you drop significant weight off your body you begin to notice body parts.  For example - “those are my hips bones or there is a collar bone (not yet for me)”.  With the weight loss I can now feel my sternum.  But it doesn’t feel right.  There is a hard bump on it.  Dr. said it could be just a regular part of my anatomy but a chest CT will rule anything out. 

My weigh – sucks.  I am beginning to feel like a fraud.  Please don’t stop reading my blog.  I love followers.  I love comments.  I honestly NEED to know you are out there.  Initially I thought of various reasons excuses for my gain and lack of success for the entire month.  But that’s the point they are just excuses.  The real reason is I AM SCARED.  I am scared of success of weight loss and I am scared of my CT results.  I am convinced that it’s something but as hubby says why stress when you don’t have any information.  Easy to say but not DO.

My weight is where it is because of my food choices.  My food choices are because my head is not in the right place.  Plain and simple.  No reason to go into details.

I vow to myself I will overcome this roadblock and move on.


  1. We weigh almost the same (I'm 186.3)! Lets do it together, just get that determination back and you'll do great :)

  2. I hope everything turns out to be just fine:)