Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekly Weigh In 5/24/11

Weight = 190.8
Loss = + 2.0
Gain from lowest of 185 = + 5.8

Considering on Monday morning the scale was 193, today is far better.  Like I said before I am DONE with this.  I know how much better I feel when I am on and getting fitter.  I hit my 38th birthday this past Sunday.  I want to be fit at forty.  Well before that but you get the idea.  I don’t mentally feel like I am steps away from 40 but honestly sometime I physically do feel it.

The other night I was at a friend’s 40th.  The party was full of people I haven’t seen in a long time.  Even with my recent gain I still received a ton of awesome compliments.  The funniest was a “you look hot”.  Never though of myself as HOT.  One friend said you can now see how I am meant to look.  That is, without all the fat covering my face.  There was the usual picture montage.  In one of the pics it was me about 10 years ago, my face was so big.  Didn’t even see myself at first look.  In fact someone else had to point it out to me.

I have more to say but it’s time to channel cinderelly, no, not the ball gown and glass slipper one.


  1. You're gonna do it, darlin'! Look at Bitchcakes. She turns 40 soon and she's a weight-loss diva. YOU CAN DO IT, TOO! We all can.

    Let's do it together.

    I'm with ya! GO! GO! GO!!!!

  2. Happy birthday! I'm a decade ahead of you and am planning to be fabulous at fifty:)

  3. I'm Tami and I have a healthy living blog. I have been a long time WW member and recently gained back a few pounds.

    I decided to get a group of bloggers and others together and host a Small Change Challenge to kick off Summer in a healthy way!

    Stop by and read about it and see if it is something you would like to join. The more people who join the more positive energy we will create!