Saturday, May 14, 2011

Update post (Boring Title Day)

Our garden – The tomato plants are looking awesome.  Hubby hooked everything up to a drip sprinkler, sweet.  We are seeing flowers.

Vision Board – I have an idea, just no implementation YET!.  I plan to make a space for me.  A small space with a visual reminder of where I want to be.  More to come.

NMW – My friends and I tired a second time to get into the Nike Women’s Marathon in SF (Oct 2011) – DENIED.  My plan was to (at least) do the couch to 5K and run a good portion of the race.  I have discovered I am not a runner (yet?) and I am not sure if I will be.  I love to exercise (kettlebells, etc).  I dislike the pain associated with running and the problems I get in my feet.  Will I run a 5K someday?  Right now I can’t say either way.  You can be fit a NOT be a runner.  My trainer never runs.

Bathing suit. – I ordered 2 from Land’s end.  I am still waiting for them.  One is a a safety one – a tankini and bottoms.  I know this one will be fine.  The second is my wishful thinking.  A bikini top (in teal) with board shorts.  There was nothing similar to try on so I have no idea how it will fit.  update later.

full top bottom

Volunteering – I am sticking with my plan.  No more volunteer commitments.  MOPs is swinging to a close.  I still have to finish work with my son’s classroom and baseball.  It will feel weird to not have the “other” stuff to do.


  1. I love knowing that I'm not the only one who enjoys wearing board shorts at the beach/pool. I know it's a comfort issue for me, but I always feel odd when I'm the only one wearing them.

    Love the suits! You're going to rock 'em!

  2. NOOO WAAAAYYYY... Amy, I just ordered 2 suits from Lands End too.. and one of them (my wishful thinking one) is the bikini top you have, also in the aqua color!!!! Too funny! But I got a swim skirt for the bottom. Now I'm wishing I got board shorts. We will look so cute together at the pool this summer! :)

  3. I don't like the way swim skirts look on me. It falls weird on me. My guess is that I won't be able to pull it off.

  4. Well, I ordered these things online. Why in the world would I EVER do that with a swimsuit???? I guess I just hate bathing suit shopping THAT much! I'm sure the swim skirt will look lame on me too... as well as the bikini top... but oh well. Let me know how it goes. Mine were supposed to be delivered today, but they didn't come.