Sunday, May 8, 2011

Finish What I Started

I was smacked upside the head yesterday.  No, not a figurative smack an actual one.

My trainer approached me after class and said its time to finish what I started.  I replied “yeah I need to continue my journey”,  He said no, I need to finish and accentuated it with a polite smack on my head.  I wish I could remember the conversation verbatim.  It was totally what I needed.  Basically, time to stop yo-yoing around and get serious about my weight loss.  He said I am the classic example of “Fear of becoming what I don’t know”.  I fear becoming a person I’ve never met but want to be.  Sure I was thin a one point when I was a teen but I wasn’t FIT.  Thin and fit are not equal.

Among the 5000 excuses I could come up with for my poor performance the past 2 months I realized there is one that sticks out like I sore thumb.
46 pounds lost & 46 pounds to go
At the end of February I reached 186 and my new ticker said the above.  This freaked me out.  I am only halfway and look how long it took me to get here.  Yes, logically I know 140 may not be where I want to end, I may want to stop at a higher or lower weight.  It still freaked me out.

I need more of these talks, just not from my hubby.  I have always been super sensitive to my hubby’s constructive criticism, especially when it is weight related.  He wants to help and I have always told him the best help he can give me is to work on his own fitness.  In prior year’s this was an issue for us but now that I have been successful on my own this issue has improved.  He now has very very insightful yet infrequent comments.  He is able to see things I can’t or refuse to see myself.  This could be a whole post in itself.

I am so excited to see new followers, welcome.  Happy Mother’s day to all.  I'm trying to decide what to do today.  My hubby is working and it’s overcast with drizzle.  The  weather is finicky here.  This is how we spent Thursday afternoon.  Go figureuntitled


  1. "Yes, logically I know 140 may not be be where I want to me, I may want to stop at a higher or lower weight."

    I just said this to my husband last night. My goal may not be where I want to be, but I want to PUSH my body to go to wherever it needs to be to be "fit." YOU CAN DO IT. Let's rock this thing!!!! I'm proud of how far you've come, now...let's FINISH THIS JOURNEY!!!!

  2. Chubby - I miss you. Are you still blogging?