Monday, May 9, 2011

Avoidance – Good or Bad?

It’s abundantly clear I have been off track.  My head is not in a good state and I am in the process of cleaning up my head and my eating.  I am weak right now.  Weak to temptation, weak to overeating, weak to making poor choices.  Let’s not forget that visitor is expected and I am lacking sleep.  Fantastic combination to try to fix your food choices.  I am not bashing myself – Just an honest evaluation of where I am.

On Mother’s day (when I wrote this) I was thinking of something to do with my boys.  Disneyland? – first off it’s a ton of work for ME and oh the food, more food, and the Mickey pretzel with cheese.  Shopping at the outdoor mall – Food, we will have to eat right? so much food there, I would want the crepes or Red Robin fries, food!  Costco Shopping – ok, not super fun for mom’s day but the coupons expire today and we NEED Costco stuff.  The hot dogs, it’s Sunday and that means SAMPLES,  Love me the Costco samples.  Oh and I got the green light to buy dinner out from hubby.  Shouldn’t be cooking on mothers day.  Apologies for the above rant – I wrote it as it was in my head - CRAZY

I can’t make a decision to save my life.  I am hungry even though it’s noon and I’ve already had oatmeal packed with protein & flax, tea and a banana later.  It would be easier to stay at home and avoid it all.  Yes, I am all about moderation but I know I can’t moderate right now.

Is the healthy decision to avoid situations when you know you are weak?

UPDATE 8pm Sunday – I ate lunch of an apple, tuna salad and very few pita crackers.  I decided on Costco (expired coupons).  It was insane and the fullness of my cart was marveled at by others.  Staying home would have been equally insane.  My toddler is having one of those days were he insists on getting into everything he shouldn’t.  My husband rescued me around 7:30pm as I was already halfway into my glass of red wine.  Even through I was severely tempted mainly due to my emotions I kept my food under control and at roughly 1600 cals with 200g carbs.

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  1. Amy, whatever you did was the right answer. You made good choices for yourself when you knew you weren't strong, and that isn't easy to do. To answer your question, I am sure there will be lots of people saying that avoidance never helps, but I think that there are plenty of cases when that is the right thing for the time and situation. For sure, when I'm tired and PMSing, there is NO reason for me to put myself in a tempting situation when I am not mentally or physically prepared. That is setting oneself up for failure. And why would we want to do that? I'm not saying it's an 'always' attitude, but we know ourselves and we have to prepare our environment for us to WIN. Sometimes that means the environment needs to be controlled. Congrats on the success. This is a time to remember to make yourself stronger for the next temptation. Every "no" strengthens your resolve.