Sunday, May 29, 2011

ABC’s of My Exercise Routine – part 1

My bloggy friend Karen wrote an nice ABC’s post on her exercise routine.  I thought I’d do the same.  Honestly I borrowed some of her answers because they fit mine.

A is for AMY – That’s me and this is my blog

B is for bra.  Ladies please protect the tata’s.  My pet peeve is when I watch shows like the Biggest Looser and you see the poor Tata’s swinging and bouncing all over the place.  They have access to the best, why not buy those poor women high quality exercise bras.  My current Fav is the Frog Bra from Title 9.  It’s not pretty but is compresses my ample tata’s in and no bounce.

C is for Core – I have great core strength.  I could probably do a 3 min plank or more but …I can’t do a full sit up.  My super fab trainer said it because I don’t know how to correctly fire the right muscles in the right sequence.

D is for DVD. I couldn’t be on my treadmill a DVD on.  I watch all my darker shows (on Netflix DVD) that hubby has no interest in like Dexter, Tudors, Weeds, etc.

E is for energy.  Exericse gives me energy.  Sure some days I feel like a total slig before class but afterwards I am on a high. 

F is for feet.  During most of classes (k-bells, kick, etc) I am barefoot.  I am also barefoot at home.  Pedicures are a requirement for my well used feet.

G is for goals.  I set mini goals for exercise.  Especially with kettlebells.  “I want to do a Turkish get-up”, or I can clean at 14kg bell.  I need to re-visit my exercise goals. 

H is for husband.  Being a stay at home mom I have zero income and I am 24/7 with the kids.  Without this man kettlebells, yoga, blog writing etc. would not be possible.

I is for intensity and intention.  Exercise gives you what you put into it.  Most days when I am “on” I work out with intensity and intention. 

J is for jiggle. As in what certain body parts are prone to do during exercise. I like compression pants to keep the tummy from jiggling.  I especially hate the jiggle during jumping jacks.  If I am not wearing compression pants I hold my stomach with one hand.

K is for Kettlebell. My miracle worker.  Most efficient tool in my exercise routine.

L is for latissimus dorsi.  My “lats” are used often during kettlebell training.  Even at 190 pounds I got rid of my back fat and side boob fat by working these.  When I lay on my side I am amazed at how smooth my body is from armpit to hip. 


M is for motivation. Some days I have it and some days I don’t. 

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